Christmas food

As I’m sat here at 10am on a Wednesday morning eating chocolate (roses if you were wondering), why do we eat so much rubbish over Christmas?. When you think of christmas you think of family time, presents and nice food.  Television and magazines are full of advertisements about extravagant christmas feasts. Personally when I think of christmas food I think of prawn cocktail and pate starters, traditional turkey dinner and a big chocolatey dessert.

We went shopping recently whilst J was at grandmas. We spent an absolute fortune on alcohol and snacky food. We bought crisps , fizzy drinks and sweets . The amount of time we were browsing isles we never normally go down was ridiculous. I can’t believe how much choice of junk food there is . Don’t get me wrong we don’t eat really healthy but I cannot remember the last time I bought packets of sweets .

I actually hate food shopping , I always end up feeling sick thinking about what food we need to eat . I have never thought about it before but I have a weird relationship with food . I can go ages without eating as I can forget , part of a sign my depression is bad. Before now I have gone all day before I realised I hadn’t ate. Then on the flip side I can constantly snack on food and then feel really bad about it.


In all honesty every year at christmas we say we are not going to go overboard with food, every year we still do.  I’m the type of person that isn’t that fussed about snacks but if they are in the house i cant help myself. I know for a fact come new year I will be on a healthy eating start again.

This year it makes me sad to think that there are family’s out there that cannot afford basic food to feed their family. I am thankful that food banks exist for people like this. I was pleasantly surprised to see donation boxes in supermarkets to help support food banks. I couldn’t ever imagine having to rely on food banks for J. It is true that when you have children things start to affect you more .