Hair colour

As a hairdresser I get bored very easily. After being a pinky colour for a few weeks I decided to go red again. I hadn’t been red in about 3 years. I’m so glad I decided to do it as I love it.

Its funny some people when they come in work are so scared of change. I think that is one thing that has never bothered me . I’ve had so many different colours or haircuts that I have lost count. These are just a small selection of what I have had.


I have just realised none of these are anything close to my natural brown , I did go dark for my wedding as its more natural and as I change it so often wanted a safe choice. Plus it shows the silver hair accessory off really well.


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Supermarket Rides



We have all been there. The first time your child pays interest in those sit and ride machines in the shops . You think awww that’s cute, yes of course you can sit on it.  You even put the money in only to find out that your child is terrified of it once it starts moving.

You carry on letting your child sit on the occasional ride when you go out shopping. You don’t put the money in though as you don’t want a melt down because the ride has started to move.  You get looks off people who probably think you are tight for not putting the money in and turning it on.  You make comments like “Yes you can sit in it but I wont turn it on because it only makes you cry” You feel you need to validate why he is only sat in it.  The novelty of these rides soon wear of though. They are in most entrances when you go shopping.  You have to dodge a meltdown on your way into the shop . Normally “yes say hello to Peppa we will see her afterwards” etc..

Today I went to an indoor shopping centre there wasn’t one but  of these rides. As we were not in a rush I let J sit on a few, however I can imagine he would have had a meltdown if I wouldn’t have let him . He gets so excited when he sees them and it is easier to let him have a quick sit down than deal with the consequences of not letting him.  You could see a few older people looking at him thinking how cute he was running over to each one.

I imagine those of you with older children understand what I am on about. Not only that but at £1 a ride it quickly adds up and who has that money to waste… especially if they don’t like it moving.

At the moment I am going to continue letting J sit on the rides as long as we are not in a rush. He does understand he cannot sit on one every time though.

Do you end up with temper tantrums when you go shopping? Let me know

Were going on holiday to Yorkshire

After not thinking we would be getting away again ,D yesterday mentioned booking some time off work . We were both able to so he told me he had been looking at ‘The Sun’ holidays again. We have a priority code as we have been away using the vouchers several times before.

Anyway as of today we have booked to go the Primrose Valley in Yorkshire . Needless to say we are so looking forward to it .  I’m sure I will have lots to blog about and loads of photos to bore you with .

Do you have any recommendations of place to go with a toddler ?

Toddler Gymnastics



I have been looking for a toddler friendly gym class for J to go to ever since I saw a picture of my friends little girl on her blog.  I didn’t realise that the toddlers could have free rein wandering the gym and exploring.  The first mainstream toddler gym class I found was £6.30! a lesson.  Now I know toddler groups can be expensive but that is ridiculous in my opinion . I managed to find a local gym than not only does classes from age 2+ but they have playgym for J’s age. This is basically just letting them explore and play with what they want to.


As i was at work today my mum took him to see how he liked it . It is safe to say he loved it . She took loads of photos and several videos. J was actually the only person there.  This isn’t a problem as we didn’t want to take him for the social side of toddler groups.  I mainly started thinking about gym classes for him as he likes to climb along the back of the sofa and then surprise jump on me.  He has also started to ‘jump’ of his little step and the low garden wall. It is so cute to see him learning new skills.  My thought being that going to the gym will help him master the new skills he is trying to learn.


I will definitely be taking J back to the gymnasium, not only did he love it but it was £1 for his first session and them £2 after that.  So if you are looking for a local toddler gym class definitely try looking around for local gyms.

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Cheeky Wipes All In One Kit Review*

Recently we have been given the opportunity to review a Cheeky baby wipes all in one kit .  This couldn’t have come at a better time as J is really struggling with nappy rash at the moment and normal disposable baby wipes seem to be irritating him and making it worse. You can read here about our struggle with cloth nappies. However I still love the idea of reusable, not only are they better for the skin but they are also better for the environment . With this in mind and the way Js skin is at the moment i couldn’t wait to start trying the Cheeky wipes out.

I originally heard about Cheeky wipes when J was a newborn . I had already attempted to make my own reusable wipes.I spent the start of my labour cutting and sewing them at my mum house. They didn’t seem to work very well so I tended to reach for the disposable wipes.
Now if your like me you have lost count of the amount of disposable wipes you end up using in a day . Not only that but I’m always misplacing the packets so end up buying more and more until they slowly take over the house.  We are a cheap household and tend to use wipes that cost around 1p per wipe. As J has allergies one of the side effects can be toilet related so on a bad day we could be changing nappies just as much as you would be with a newborn.   Obviously all those 1p wipes add up and can quiet quickly spiral along.


Using one pack of disposable baby wipes per week at £2.49 in the first two years of your lovely baby’s life comes to a staggering £258.96!

The Cheeky Wipes cloth baby wipes kit costs just £39.99! 

taken from the Cheeky wipes website.



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Emergency childcare

Today was the first day we have had an issue with childcare. I work 3 days at my normal job and D works full-time but alternate Saturdays till dinner. This Saturday he was meant to be off but as someone at work has just had a baby he had to cover.  We are lucky that childcare is normally shared between family members . However yesterday I had the panic of trying to arrange alternative childcare. In my job there is no way I could ring in and tell them I cannot come in.  It would let to many people down and put a lot of stress on my colleagues.  D has before now taken J into work for the morning , this was very nearly an option today. Now he is older though I don’t know how well-behaved J would have been .

We were very lucky that our close friends D&J said they would look after J. J knows them quiet well so I knew he would be ok with them . When I dropped J off in the morning he ran off into their house exploring. He didn’t even give me a second look when I said I was going to work. They took J to the park and to the local shopping centre. Apparently according to daddy they said he was good. He even was helping clean the house.



After his fun morning J went to Screw fix Live at event city with daddy, they came home with lots of little goody bag things. There was rubber ducks , pens , stress balls  . He then went to the Trafford centre and finally for a meal . He has had  a very busy day as he didn’t get home till 7pm.

Do you have an emergency childcare plan ?

Seriously considering potty training.


I am aware that J is only 18 months and some of you will be reading this thinking that he is far to young to even be thinking about potty training. However I bought him a potty a while ago now ….see here … mainly to get him use to having it in the house.

However recently we have notice he has been telling us when he has been to the toilet with this in mind I have been thinking about potty training for a while.  I actually bought him some mini underpants the other day . They are so adorable. I got them just so we have them for when he is ready.  Since yesterday though he has had really bad nappy rash .  I think this is related to trialling him on cooked milk . We are taking a step back on the milk ladder again untill his skin heals and he seems settled agin. Anyway because of his nappy rash he hasn’t been wearing a nappy in the house . Yesterday afternoon he did two wees on his potty. He seems to start to wee , hold it untill you get his potty, then carrys on . YEAH!!! proud mum . Again he did one this morning and this afternoon. He is so pleased with himself when he does it.

We are not seriously potty training him yet, but as he is in the house with no nappy on i thought why not , it seems to be working .

Do you have any potty training tips or advice ? please let me know.

Baby group friends


Today I met up with a friend of a friend and her little girl. She is a similar age to J so I thought it would be nice for them to play together.  We went to a new baby group at a local scout hut.  It was actually quite good, they said they were just getting into the swing of things and seeing what worked well and what didn’t.  As it was in a scout hut there was loads of room for the children to run round.  Some groups I have been to before only have small rooms and that combined with loads of toys and chaotic children doesn’t lead to a nice baby group.
They had set different areas up with different activities.

They had a tent idea set up, which was really dark but with flashing balls in it and cubes that light up and change colour . J loved this especially the mini lamp that changed colours. They also had areas that had sand in, Jelly one with pasta ,although J wasnt interested in the pasta or jelly.
They had an area that had pinecones and tinsel pom poms. Again J wasnt interested in this but my friends little girl liked the pom poms.
They also had lots of plastic bottles filled with a variety of different things such as rice and water.

J took a shine to the little baby area and kept sitting in a rocking char that he was far to big for. He liked it though because it had a fish on it .

After J had a play we then got to have a break with some water/juice and some snacks. The snacks were J allergy friendly I am pleased to say, as normally places give out toast which is a nightmare for us ahhhhhh butter everywhere…. As usual all the other children sat nicely on the play mat eating and drinking but J decided he was just going to wander round the room instead Only coming back for the odd raisin or sip of water.  After snack time we all sat down and sang songs . This was good but definitely went on for too long as a lot of the children J’s age ended up wandering off playing with the toys again. I think this is one thing they noticed they would have to change.

Overall it was great though and I definintly will be taking J again.  I think it is good for him to mix with other children in a variety of ages. He is very social and seems to make friends easily. He normally just starts running round making noises with the older boys.

When we got home he was being very cute and I managed to film a video of him giggling . I will try to upload it soon.

Allergy safe cake and a can of pop

I first found out about how to make an allergy safe cake, using a packet cake mix and a can of pop off the CMPA facebook group.  So one day when I was out shopping I picked up this mix from Morrison’s.



I did however forgot to buy a can of pop so the packet got put into a cupboard and forgot about.  When I finally remembered to buy a can of pop I had misplaced the cake packet……sods law. Anyway the other day I managed to find them both so we decide to do a random baking lesson. J was very happy to help as you can see in the pictures. Rather than adding milk and eggs you liturally just add the can of pop to the cake mix.


Here J is just checking out what was in the packet he was trying to chew on.  He did nearly spoon the whole lot out onto his high chair so you do have to be careful.  He also had fun trying to open the pop can , however he was then determined he wanted to play with it.



He seem to enjoy watching me pour the pop into the mix as it all fizzed up  He definitely liked helping me whisk the mixture and especially trying out eating the mixture of the whisk.  The good thing with making it like this is that there is no raw eggs in the mix so it wont harm him to try it.




He did stop eating the mixture to watch me pour the mix into the cake tin.



He started to kick off that I had put the cake in the oven , so to keep him happy I put some porridge oats in a bowl and poured some syrup over it so he could poke and squish it all together.


I then added some raisins and some of the choc shot into the mixture. He had fun playing with it and eating some. DSC_0043

I was impressed at how well the cake looked when it came out of the oven .


I added the filling and then the drizzle to the mixture.  In all honesty I forgot to check how much dairy free butter we had in so I had to make it up as I went along.

J loved the cake, I think it was the lemon flavour that did it.  In all honesty I found the actual cake a bit stodgy however im use to normal cakes . This is a great way to make cakes for those that cannot eat milk or eggs . We are lucky that J can tolerate cooked milk and eggs now so we wont need to make cakes like this again but  I would definitely recommend it for those that cannot.

Please let me know if you have tried it

Last nights sleep

After a horrific night the night before being awake from 2 a.m to 4 30 a.m. post here. We prepared ourselves for a really bad night last night after we found out about the 18 month sleep regression. We were planning on more broken sleep than normal so we went to go to sleep ourselves a bit early. However last night J decided to sleep from 7 p.m straight through until 5 a.m. He did stir at a bit at 11 but we didn’t have to settle him. Needless to say we were very grateful for the sleep this morning.  He also managed to go back off till 6  after he was up at 5 and then half 5.

We were all in better mood this morning, it is safe to say that lack of sleep seriously can affect you and how you act with each other. This morning we had a very nice family morning with lots of laughing from J.

Daddy and J took me to work this morning so they could use my car as daddy’s car has a broken back window screen. Apparently they have had a really nice daddy baby day .  However when we went to daddy’s work to pick up a van J decided to scream all the way home in mummy’s car on the motorway because he wanted to be with daddy. He loves his baby daddy day.

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