Interview with a babywearer

This is the next part of the ‘Interview with a babywearer’ feature.


My interviewee today is  S ,Mum of one  – 9 month old


First question , When you were pregnant did you  plan on wearing your baby?

Yes I planned on baby wearing, I got given two types of carrier and assumed they would be good for walks.

Does your partner babywear, if so what with ?

My husband does baby wear. He’s worn our baby in a Kari me sling, baby Bjorn carrier and Ergo carrier.

What do you enjoy most about baby wearing?

I enjoyed in the newborn days having my baby on my chest, instant soothing them to sleep and also the ability to breastfeed in sling. Now I like the interaction and the ability to have cuddles whilst walking

Along your journey of baby wearing have you enabled anyone you know?

I’ve enabled a friend to baby wear by recommending and lending my sling

Amongst fellow babywearers we receive several comments positive and negative.  Have you received any comments  about babywearing?

Only positive – mainly about how cosy he looks


A good way to find new slings to try are sling library’s.  Have you visited or heard about sling library’s?

I’m in the local sling library group and have met up with at the sling meet once


Have you heard about T.I.C.K.S?

I have heard of ticks via another mum in a group.


How many slings have you owned along your babywearing journey?

I’ve owned 3 types of carrier/sling – My favourite is the Kari me as it was amazing when he was smaller

If you would like to take part in this feature please contact me , either via email at mumtoamonster @

New Alan Howard Store

Today a new Hairdressing wholesalers opened up near me. It has been made a big deal off and every time i went into the old store it was mentioned they were relocating.  As part of the new opening they were having a VAT free week.  This actually makes a massive difference when you are ordering stock, as professional colours and shampoo add up value very quickly.  I needed to buy some shampoo and a few colours for myself so I thought I would wait a few days to go to the new store.
When I got there this morning the local road was chaos , as the industrial estate it has opened on is still being built there was lots of lorry’s around. The new store is very nice and a lot bigger than the old one, however the car park is smaller.  I’m not sure if this is just a temporary thing but it defiantly needs to be addressed.
I took J with me and decided that it would be best if I used the sling.  This stops him running round and pulling everything off the shelves. He loves coming with me as he is a big flirt and gets loads of attention.
I also bought a new pair of scissors whilst I was there as I was feeling that my old ones were getting a little blunt.  I was surprised to receive a gift bag at the tills after I had bought everything I needed. It was massive.

DSC_0211 DSC_0214

There are loads of products I haven’t tried before, I will write a review of them after I have used some. J in particular liked the black spray can , as he kept taking the lid off and running off with it.


I gave J an obligatory Mohican using some styling product.


Potty Training

Today I decided to buy J a potty. Yes I know he’s only 16 months but his older cousin has just potty trained .  J has been around his cousin whilst he has been doing this so has got into the habit of sitting on the potty,fully dressed obviously. He has also managed to use it as a step and finally not surprisingly used it to hide stuff under it. IMAG0594
He has also realised when he is peeing, mainly because when he is having nappy free time he sees the puddle he makes. He finds this most amusing and points and shouts at me . I thought this would be a good time to get him use to having a potty at home . I have no expectations of him actually using the potty for what it is intended.
When I was paying for my shopping at the till the lady on the till told me her son wouldn’t sit on a normal potty (which I was buying), he just put it on his head.  She was telling me about a potty that is more like a seat . This is actually what J’s cousin had.  Anyway I explained that I had no expectations of J actually using it , it was just to get him use to it.
Anyway to my surprise he has actually sat on it quiet happily and proud of himself,  he sometimes just reverses into it .


Do you have any tips for potty training when the time comes ?

What are the best toddler books?

I have always been a lover of reading so I couldn’t wait to spend time reading with J. However he had other plans , he has never been one to sit still and listen. That is up until recently where he has started to drag his toddler books out of his toy box and bring them over to me. I took this as a sign to start reading to him , especially at bed time.


His current favourite is ‘The Gruffalo’ and I can see why. I love the rhythm of the book and it helps him relax and fall asleep at night. Up until now the only books he has paid interest in are ones that make noise or a caterpillar one that has googly eyes that move. I really need to start building up a fantastic toddler  book collection. I  already have the  collection of ‘The world of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. It’s currently in  storage for J for when he’s older,  as it was mine from when I was younger. The other book i definitely want to get for his library is ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. I also would like to get more books by Julia Donaldson.

What books do you recommend ?

I also need to find a better way to store his books as they are currently just dotted around shelves and piled into a plastic box. I really like the look of the wooden bookcases but I know J would just climb them. I have seen some fabric bookcases that look like a good idea.

This Safari bookcase would go fab in J’s room.




But i think something like this one would suit J better.


Interview with a babywearer 4

This is the fourth part of the ‘Interview with a babywearer’ feature. The other parts can be found here , 1 , 2 , 3

My interviewee today is Vanessa



First question , When you were pregnant did you  plan on wearing your baby?

Yes, although i was clueless The first wrap I bought was baby Bjorn. I then Had a moby and a close caboo for when newborn, now have an ergo, a connecta and a woven wrap

Does your partner babywear, if so what with ?

Yes he does, but only with the buckles

What do you enjoy most about baby wearing?

I love the closeness it creates, and that you can get things done whilst comforting your baby, and how easy it is to just pop them in a carrier and go!

Along your journey of baby wearing have you enabled anyone you know?

Yes, I have several friends who now wear who never intended to.

Amongst fellow babywearers we receive several comments positive and negative.  Have you received any comments  about babywearing?

Yes, I get the odd person tell me she will never walk or be independent. But I also get so many people say how wonderful it is, and how comfy she looks.


A good way to find new slings to try are sling library’s.  Have you visited or heard about sling library’s?

I had heard of them but i never got round to visiting one .


Have you heard about T.I.C.K.S?

Yes and always abide by them .


How many slings have you owned along your babywearing journey?

8 so far….. My ergo is my favourite, closely followed by the connecta

Bump Photos

Whilst organising the photos on my laptop I found these bump photos. Early on in the pregnancy I didn’t take bump photos as I was worried something terrible would happen , as if it  would jinx things.  We had a few problems between 19 + 27 weeks hence the gap of bump photos.


I do wish I had taken more bump photos as I loved having my bump. It silly really but I do still miss it. I loved being pregnant up until the end , when I had no energy left.


You can really tell the difference between the last few bump photos .


The last photo of me is actually the day J was born. I was at my mums house and the dog was being a midwife hence the hat thing .


A2 Milk review

I remember looking at all the different types of milk in the supermarket when I found out J was CMPA. There was Soya, Coconut,Oat,Almond etc.…. then I noticed a milk called A2 milk RRP is £1.99 for 2 litres. It isn’t suitable for true CMPA diagnosis however can be used by many as an alternative.

A2 milk

A2 milk is made using special ‘A2’ cows .  Basically in simple terms cows milk is made out of 2 different types of proteins – A1 and A2. Originally cows milk was made from just the A2 protein but over the years has become a mixture of A1 and A2.  The A1 protein digests differently to the A2 protein and has been linked to discomfort and pain.  This is why some people may in fact be reacting to the A1 protein not the A2 one.  By trying the A2 milk people may find that it suits them better resulting in less discomfort.

The first thing I noticed when trying the milk is that it tastes just like normal milk. I haven’t found a milk substitute that I like in tea or coffee yet. Oat milk looks horrible and needs stirring constantly otherwise it settles.  However i really like A2 milk . I managed to get my husband to try it as well and he didn’t notice the difference. I obviously haven’t got J to try it as I don’t think its suitable considering he comes out in hives reacting to dairy . When he is a lot older he will have the choice if he wishes to try something new. I also used A2 milk on my cereal as I wanted to check what it tasted like in larger quantities. Once again I was not dissatisfied, I will definitely keep on using A2 milk in the future.

I personally cannot tell if I am better off with A2 milk however I believe it is worth trying to see if will help ease your discomfort.

I would like to thank A2 milk for giving me some vouchers to purchase the milk at a discount and have the opportunity to review it.

Holiday in Cornwall–Part 2




The views in Cornwall are stunning , it is truly an area of outstanding natural beauty.  I took so many landscape photos whilst we were there. I would love to live in Cornwall it seems like such a relaxing place to be .

20140618_104937 IMAG0401 IMAG0461


IMG_20140630_200655When ever we passed a ice-cream shop D always suggested getting one. I felt bad on J though because he cant have dairy so i never did.  However when we went to the Lizard we went into this Ice-cream shop. I am glad we did as the guy was lovely, he let me read the sorbet  ingredients . He also washed the ice-cream scoop for me before he made me an ice-cream up for J .    J liked his first lemon ice-cream sorbet.



I absolutely adore this photo.

We visited St Michaels Mount and after D attempting to drag the buggy across the beach , unsuccessfully, we went back to get the sling out of the car. I was so proud of him as this was the first time with J on his back. I know how daunting it can be to have people staring at you when you have a baby on your back .



20140618_131808 20140618_13253720140618_132512

As you can probably tell , the sling was a regular occurrence on this holiday. It was the first time using this sling as it was on holiday from my friend. I am so glad we took it , i was surprised that we hardly saw anyone else babywearing the whole holiday.


IMG_20140630_201520IMAG0407 IMAG0431IMAG0435IMAG0440 


J loved his first time playing on the beach. he sat quiet happily digging with D for a while. He did come and sit on my back when i was lay down relaxing at one point though.

Holiday in Cornwall -Part one

We managed to book two  holidays through The Sun paper this year .We chose to go to Park Dean Mullion in Cornwall, Monday to Friday, then Park Dean Torquay in Devon, Friday to Monday. We started the day at 3.30am!!! It was a nice change that we didn’t mind getting woke up in the morning by J .  J was rather confused that it was dark out and kept looking out the window and shouting .  We had already packed the car the day before so we managed to leave at 4am. For future reference don’t leave it till the day before to go clothes shopping and start to pack everything.

We was hoping that J would sleep most of the journey but that didn’t happen ,he slept till 6am . It was hard resisting the urge to get our own back and wake him up though, joke. We had moaning almost every 30 miles along the journey . We had ‘Mr tumble’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ to occupy J along the way. We also stopped at 3  different services and a Toby Cavery for breakfast. Wouldn’t recommend the Toby Cavery in Exeter but it was ok for £4.


IMAG0361  IMAG0363

We arrived in New quay at 12.30 for a stop off and had a stroll along the beach, J got to have a run around and stretch his legs on the beach. We also took him into the lifeboat station to have a look around. I was glad we had taken my friends RHB carrier on holiday with us as the pavements were busy and packed with buggies. Having the sling also meant that when the only way down to the beach was via some steps it didn’t matter.

 20140616_120137   20140616_121743

IMAG0366  IMAG0370  IMAG0372

We arrived at Park Dean Mullion Site at 3.30.  We were very pleased with our caravan and the staff were very pleasant and nice on our arrival. J loved the caravan and it took him about 2 minutes before he realised he could climb up the sofa and onto the windowsill. He also managed to remove all the stones of the fireplace , these then got put on a high shelf. After having a play on the outdoor park , which J proceeded to climb up the big steps rather than the toddler area .We the went for a look around the site and took J to the arcade, then  indoor soft play area. We learnt J likes the little sit on cars but doesn’t like when they move. The indoor play area is great and J had it all to himself as it was tea time when we went in.

   IMAG0376  IMAG0377  IMAG0384


On the site there is also a heated outdoor swimming pool aswell as an indoor pool, we are hoping to try these out tomorrow weather depending.  As soon as J saw the outdoor pool he started getting excited and pointing and shouting. He loves any water, which can be a nightmare at times.


There was a slight door opening on foot incident when we went into the bar which really hurt , involved pain and blood.  D forgot i had sandals on and opened the door a bit to quick.


Overall we had a good first day and Jacob was asleep on the single beds pushed together by 7pm. I ended up sleeping in there with him as I didn’t trust him not to open the front door of the caravan. You would think they would have some sort of child proof lock. We had to lock the bathroom from the outside using a spoon to stop him constantly flushing the toilet.

Dylon Dye Customised Baby grows

I had totally forgotten that when J was a baby I customised some plan baby grows and muslins.  As we didn’t find out what gender we were having , we ended up with a lot of boring plain white baby grows,vests and muslins. Obviously when J was born I tended to put him in the nice patterned baby grows and the white ones got put in the back of the drawers.

That was until I discovered Dylon dye, I was so excited at the thought of customising baby clothes that I couldn’t wait for an online delivery.  I struggled to find the little packets of various colours though, I eventually found them in a little local hardware shop. I paid £2.99 per colour but they will last you quiet a while, depending how obsessed you become with customising. The colours I purchased are ‘Tulip red’ ‘French Lavender’ ‘China Blue’ ‘Tropical Green’ ‘Sunset Yellow’ .  In hindsight i wouldn’t have bought the Lavender or Green as these can be mix using the other colours. That is how i made orange as well.

If you follow the instructions on the packet then you would have way too much dye to use at once.

I mixed the Dylon dye up  using  1:1:1

  • 1Table spoon  Dye
  • 1 Table spoon Salt
  • 1 Mug of warm water

Firstly I got the clean plain baby grow and wet it under cold water.  I then found a container I wanted to use and scrunched the baby grown into it. By scrunching the baby grow it creates a tie dye effect.  Obviously the bigger the container and the looser the scrunches, the less tie dyed the outcome would be.  This is a good way to brighten up faded or stained baby grows

I had the colours of dye I wished to use already mixed in separate jars. I then simply poured the colours where I wanted them.  If you were to use red and yellow, in some places where they overlapped you would end up with orange. You can either leave some patches of the customised baby grows white, or using a spoon prod the baby grow around and re pour some more dye onto it. I normally leave the customised baby grow to soak over night and then rinse with cold water and wash with similar colours to seal the dye in.


I also decided to make a rainbow set of customised baby muslins .

customised baby muslin        300539_10152830376245464_1725354066_n

Customised baby clothes are a great way to show individuality.