Reasons I can’t go to sleep by a toddler


Recently we have been trying to get J to stay in his bed all night ,Rather than come into ours and kick us black and blue. For a toddler that doesn’t talk much he has definitely come up with some cracking ideas why he can’t sleep.

Because I need a drink
Because I need a new nappy
Because I need another bottle
Because I need to measure myself on the height chart I nearly wet myself when he did this
Because the light isn’t on
Because I need another story
Because I need the light up ghost
Because the light needs to be off
Because I need penguin
And dog
And zebra
And postman pat
and another story
Because I need you to rub my belly.
Because I need to put my socks on.
Because I need to put these pants on.

These are some of the fantastic excuses he has come up with the last few days. Can you imagine what he will be like when he is older and talking.

Please let me know some of your child’s excuses