Minion pumpkin

I don’t think I have ever carved a pumpkin on my own before . I wasn’t going to bother this year as J isn’t 2 yet , but I thought stop being tight.

Luckily I managed to find a pumpkin yesterday in sainsburys , as well as a reduced Halloween outfit. I set about looking on Pinterest as you do and saw all these elaborate designs . I’m quite artistic but not necessarily with a carving knife . Then I saw a minion pumpkin and decided as J is obsessed with them , that’s what ours had to be.

I can definently recommend this Slisa ceramic knife. It just went through the pumpkin like butter. I really need to get more of these .

In all honesty J wasn’t that interested other than helping scoop out the insides.


At this point I wasn’t convinced it was going to look ok . There was a moment that I nearly cut the wrong bit off but I managed to saw it . I nearly gave up to go and get another one at one point but I’m glad I didn’t. I used a small knife score over the template I had drawn. Then I used the wrong end of a spoon and eventually , the opposite end of a paintbrush to poke the bits I had cut out through.


This is the finished result. I’m quite impressed.