Salt dough christmas decorations

This year J is the perfect age to start doing Christmas craft ideas. He loves being creative even if he gets bored quickly, he is a toddler after all . I thought that making a Christmas tree decoration would be a good idea . I wanted to start a tradition of making presents for family members .

Family look away now .

Salt dough decorations are a great way of doing this. I remember making things using salt dough when I was a child.

The salt dough mix that we used is a simple easy to remember one .
1/2 a cup of plain flour (I originally used self raising flour)
1/2 a cup of salt
Small amount of water to bind it all together.

One the mixture is combined roll it out onto a floured surface.


There are several different designs you can make. For some inspiration ,I have pinned them on Pinterest here. We started off with a hand print decoration. This worked well initially but then J kept grabbing the mixture instead of stamping his hand.

I found that rolling the mixture not too thick and cutting around the hand print easier ,rather than cutting a circle out first , and then doing the handprint.

Normally you bake the decorations in an oven on low for several hours but I actually microwaved ours , on a low setting . This was much quicker but you have to be careful the decorations don't end up with air bubbles. This was the problem when we used self raising flour.


Once dried out paint and and glitter and string /ribbon .

This is the self raising flour one.