24 hour Salonathon for Millie’s Trust

Earlier in the year  you may have read that I have started working at a new hair salon.  I absolutely love it here and class everyone as family.  Even though I have only been here 6 months it feels like a lifetime, and that’s meant in a good way.

This year was the 3rd year the salon has run a 24 hr salonathon to raise money for Millie’s trust.  Millie’s Trust was created by the parents of Millie Thompson who tragically passed away in a choking incident in October 2012.  Millie’s trust is a charity that aims to make first aid training available to everybody.

Over the 24hrs 1pm Saturday – 1pm Sunday we carried out all non chemical services in return for donations for Millie’s Trust.  We also offer nail painting and face painting.  In the run up to the event there was a lot of planning behind the scenes.  During the 24hr event we also had raffle tickets on sale, again to raise money for Millie’s Trust.  We contacted several of the local businesses who kindly donated vouchers or items.  I must admit I was shocked at the generosity of everyone we had everything from hair products donated to dog grooming vouchers.

We also had the nightmare of the boiler breaking the week before and the salon having no hot water, thankfully this was sorted quickly.  The raffle tickets are on sale till October 10th.

In the week running up to the event it was all go go go.  We made a salon selfie spot which Georgie the giraffe got involved with.  We also made some props to go with it.

My husband bought us some rocky road and flapjacks so we could bag them up for donations.  I think we may be still eating it at Christmas at this rate. Do flapjacks freeze well??

On the day of the event we arrived early so we could put together the last-minute things.  We had gift bags for the attendees, these contained samples of products as well as some yummy goodys.

We were busy solidly from 1pm till around 10pm.  We had a guest barber Andy, now know as Barberan, join us from 4.30 till 9pm.  I would have  loved to have time to watch him as he was doing gents wet shaves.  We had people coming in to buy merchandise as well as donating money.


We had people come and keep us company in the night and have a drink with us at the halfway point.  We ended up watching films over night whilst Cora fell asleep on the bench for two hours!! We may have drawn on her with a sharpie.  When it got to 7am we started getting busy again.


Overall we had a great event and it just shows how well we all get on together.  Even though it was tough being awake for 28hrs it was for a great cause.  We managed to raise over £3000 and we are already talking about next years 24 hour event including barberan


I missed J so much as I didn’t see him from putting him to bed Friday night till the Sunday afternoon properly.  He did bob in on the Saturday to have his face painted and to meet the giraffe, but I didnt have time to see him properly just a quick cuddle.  I was amazed he sat still long enough to have his face painted and he has since asked for it to be painted again.



 If you would like to donate to Millie’s trust you can via our just giving page 




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