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In contrast to this post about keeping your colour lasting longer, I’ve decided to write how to help speed up fading your colour. If you are like me your likely to change your mind quite often. I am wanting to go from bright red to a chocolatey brown , obviously the red will to be too strong to hide under the brown so I wanted to make it fade a bit first.

Wash your hair in hot water .
Hot water opens the cuticle which in turn makes your colour fade faster. You can still rinse in cold water at the end to finish to seal the hair cuticle.

Wash your hair .
Obviously the more you wash the quicker the colour will fade.

Use a strong clarifying shampoo .
My go to choice of shampoo for fading hair is head and shoulders. I don’t like it as a shampoo, however it will strip your colour if needed. It is obviously not a miracle but will help. I once spilt some on my bed quilt, it stripped the colour out in the wash.

Washing up liquid
Yes I did just say that . If you haven’t got or can’t find head and shoulders , use washing up liquid. It will make your hair feel awful, so shampoo in a nice shampoo after.

Don’t bleach
If you have bright colours such as red pink lilac blue etc if you try to bleach it out this often results in pushing the colour molecules deeper into the hair. Yes you will probably still be able to bleach it out eventually but not saving the integrity of your hair. It is best to avoid bleach until the last option. Try a colour remover first.

Be realistic
If you are wanting to go blonde from red that isn’t going to work. If you like ashy browns but have copper hair think logically.



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  1. plutoniumsox says:

    Ooh fab colours, I love both the red and the chocolatey brown. I’ve read quite nasty things about the ethical credentials of head and shoulders though, I think they are quite guilty of unnecessary and cruel animal testing. I hope you had a great Christmas and I look forward to reading more of your blog in the new year.x

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