How to curl your hair easily.

I get told quite often off people that they struggle to curl their own hair.  I normally use straighteners to curl hair, yes I know it sounds stupid but it works, a bit like running scissor down a ribbon to curl it.  My little tip that I can’t remember where I saw it.  Put your hair in bobbles first.  To curl your hair all you need is a curling tong or wand, a few bobbles and a finishing spray or serum.



If you section the top of your hair into a bobble and then split the bottom section into two.  I find doing this easier as you know where you are up to and you don’t get tangled up.  I know that if I normally curl my hair myself I start off with good intentions and then get bored and give up halfway through. By putting your hair in bobbles first it seems like less work.

Once you have your bobbles in, I used three, curl the hair left out.  You need to keep these sections relatively thin so that the heat from the wand/curler can travel through.  Normally about 4 sections will work depending on your hair thickness.



After you have done this remove the bobbles.  You may find that you like that look of this, however, I prefer to use a wide tooth rake comb to gently brush the curls out into more of a wave.  Doing this can make your hair slightly frizzy which I why I like to finish it off by running my hands through my hair with a serum or oil spray.


Let me know if you curl your hair this way, or if you have any tips.


  1. Jess says:

    Why have I never thought to do this before!? My hair is so long and thick, curling is usually a right nightmare. I’ll definitely be trying this out!


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