My current favourite hair products

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There are constantly new products in hairdressing but Colorphlex is a game changer.  Colorphlex protects and strengthens hair up to 4 times stronger when colouring or bleaching . It reduces breakage and makes hair feel stronger.  As a hairdresser this means that we are able to colour hair without compromising the integrity of the hair and in most cases the hair feels healthier that it was when the client came in.   Colorphlex is a two part system, the first part is added to the colour and the second afterwards as a treatment for 10 minutes. RRP As this is an in salon treatment it will vary from salon to salon but I would guess average would be £20

Redken Extreme Anti-snap

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap provides heat protection, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent breakage and split ends.  This is a great leave in treatment that is particularly great for damaged porous hair.  When used with the Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner your hair is left feeling in a much better state.

Unique One All In One Hair Treatment

This is a great go to product especially for those people that aren’t sure what they should actually be using on their hair.  This product has 10 benefits for all hair type from shine and frizz control to colour fade protection and UVA/UVB protection.  Its a great all rounder.

Alterna Bamboo 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray

This fine, lightweight spray thickens each individual strand, resulting in natural looking, visibly thickened, full-bodied hair.

Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter

This is from Matrix new styling range ‘Style link’  where all the products are designed to interlink with each other.  Smooth setter is great for taming frizz whilst smoothing with movement.  Its a lightweight product so doesn’t feel heavy on the hair.  

Redken Water Wax

I have a love hate relationship with wax as more often than not wax is heavy and sticky.  Water Wax hair shine pomade separates and defines, as it is water-based the pomade leaves no residue and isnt heavy on the hair.  This is my current go to for creating texture on short hair.


These are a few of my current favorite hair products and as I find more Ii will let you know about them.


  1. Joyce says:

    I feel like I need all of these products! Ok, maybe the wax. But the Colorphlex might be something I’ll look into especially when I’m about to finally get some colouring done.

  2. Georgia says:

    I treat y hair so badly and just cut it short when it gets badly broken or looking limp. I should use something extra on it but I never know where to start, this post is just what I needed and that Redken extreme anti-snap sounds amazing!

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