Gardening fun


I’ve been a bit quiet recently and I wasn’t sure why but I realised tonight it’s because I have got into the habit of watching TV series again. Chicago Fire and Chicago PD if you were wondering. D is watching some war film that I have no interest in so it has given me time to sit down on the laptop and start writing.

I am so glad the weather is getting better as we have been able to spend most of our day in the garden. J loves being outside and is quite happy just pottering around , just like his dad. We have slowly started sorting the garden out for summer.  J enjoyed helping me de weed the garden especially since we found a few frogs in the process. We still had a load of copper wire dumped in the back corner from when we re wired the house. We sorted all that out and boxed it up ready to take it to the scrap yard. J loved helping us squish it into the boxes and jumping on it.  He found the old bath taps and had fun playing with them in a little mud area I had temporarily made him.

We are also in the process of running and electric cable into the shed. We have dug up the wonky path , which we are going to put down straight, and buried the cable. J loved helping D do all this and to be honest so did I. We found a family of frogs living under the path in the holes between the concrete and bricks. I relocated them to the other side of the garden, much to J’s amusement.

J’s new trick is that he has discovered he can flip the slide over and attempt to climb the slide the wrong way round.  I thought he was bad enough going down the slide face first.  We have also ended up with the sledge in the garden today which consisted of being used to collect pegs and deliver them to the other side.


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