Blog On Xmas 2017 – All About Me!

With Blog On only being a few days away, I have finally gotten around to joining in the the BlogOn Linky.

    1. Please share your favourite photo of you.
      Not my favourite photo but the one to hand to add to this post.
    2. If you could choose a band to play in your garden for your birthday, who would you pick?
      It would have to be Blossoms as a family member is in it and I still haven’t seen him play live!
    3. What do you take with you for long visits to the toilet?
      What is this long visit to the toilet you speak of?!? I have 2 children
    4. What word can’t you spell?
      Definitely, I spell it differently each time!
    5. What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?
      I can’t really think of anything unusual. I colour peoples hair blue sometimes?!?
    6. Knitting, sewing or crochet?
      Sewing! Although I spend my life on Pinterest pinning projects but never get around to doing them.
    7. Without looking it up, what is a jerkinhead?
      Wouldnt even know where to start? ….Now I have googled it and want to know who came up with that question?
    8. If you could have as much of one food as you wanted forever, what would it be?
      Chinese…. is that cheating erm…..Chocolate
    9. What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
      Stood on the roof of a hotel in Manchester/Climbed the tower of the Trafford centre to take photos….I hate heights.
    10. If you needed a getaway driver, who would you choose?
      One of the girls from my work
    11. Would you rather live in Narnia or at Hogwarts?
      Hogwarts without a doubt
    12. What snack food says ‘Christmas’ to you?
      Mince Pies!
    13. Is there life on Mars?
      I’m going with no otherwise I would have imagined they would have come here or vice versa by now.
    14. Which Christmas movie would you be a character in, and who would play you?
      Home Alone. I’m not sure who would play me.
    15. What are you proudest of?
      My children! Especially J who has grown into such a well mannered, loving and kind boy, most of the time anyway.

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