Bee In The City Manchester – 23 July to 23 September 2018

Just before school broke up, the Bee in the City sculptures made their way into Manchester. This automatically became one of the things on our school holiday todo list. We arranged to meet up with a friend one day and jumped on the train to Manchester. I’ve been getting to train more and more often into Manchester recently so my anxiety about public transport with the children is basically none existence now. I made sure we had packed a picnic so we wouldn’t have the meltdowns waiting for food or drink as we were wandering around. This worked really well and also saved time which meant we could find more bees.

We got to Manchester for just after 11 am on the train and all kids were present and correct. C seemed to enjoy the train ride and sat on my knee for quite a while, before sitting in her pram. J is a pro on the train so was quite happy just looking out of the windows and watching people get on and off at different stops.

The first bee we found happened to be outside the train station.

bee in the city

My friend had the Bee in the City app on her phone so we used that to help us find more bees. You can add the codes off each bee onto the app. This then marks off the bees you have found and you also get ‘treats’ along the way. 10% a shop etc.

We also picked up a paper map as we didn’t want to be stuck if we ran out of battery on the phone. Remember to take a pen!. We had a map for finding the large bees and we also picked up the guide of little bees. Then we could mark off the little bees we found. There are over 131 little bees and 101 big bees.

If you are organised you can print out the maps at home before you leave.

You can pick up paper maps for the bee hunt from

bee in the city manchester

bee in the city manchester

We found 37 bees on this trip out and I had found 4 previously by coincidence on a visit to Manchester. Taking my total to 41.

I’m not really sure what this one is. This was one that I found on a previous visit to Manchester. This was before we started the bee hunt properly so I didn’t really pay attention properly. Is it meant to be like this, or is it missing a bee off the top ?!?

The 5 little bees that are in the Arndale.

J wants to go back into Manchester to find some more so I think his dad may take him one day when I’m in work.

Edit 19/08/18

25 more bees found in and around Media city and The Lowry

Total 66

EDIT 23/08/18

14 more bees found

Total 80

Edit 30/8/18

6 more bees found at Heaton Park. We even met a real bee keeper and bees. Total 86


6 More found taking the total to 92



One final effort to find more bees, we have a few busy weekends ahead so this would be the last chance we got to go bee hunting. We managed to find another 42 in the city centre taking our final total to 134!!

bee in the city

Do you have a favourite bee? Which one is it?

You can find all about the big bees and their artists and sponsors in this link


  1. Steph says:

    Wow looks like you all found lots of bee on the trail! We have found a few this week and definitely want to go back into town to look for some more, the kids love it don’t they?! That’s great that you have been getting the train into Manchester, it can be nerve wracking using public transport especially with kids in tow! We tend to get the tram into town these days, I find it much easier that the bus although it does take longer. The ‘Buzzi’ sculpture is a funny one isn’t it, I wasn’t sure if it was just missing the bee but here’s a little info about it…
    Love that you mentioned where you can pick up the trail maps too, very handy! Lovely post x

    • alyssaliss says:

      Thanks for the comment. I always forget about the tram, that’s really handy to use if it’s nearby. Thanks for that information about Buzzi, off to have a look now.

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