Blog On Xmas 2017 – The Afterthought


Well, where do I start…. Last weekend I attended Blog On Xmas 2017. This is my third time attending Blog On and the first time it has been held in the new venue Hotel Football. Let’s ignore the fact that this is at United’s grounds *cough* City fan *cough*

I normally have major anxiety about going to things out of my comfort zone, including driving to places I don’t know.  I was lucky to kindly be given a lift by SamePersonDifferentMe who also was attending the event. Automatically, because I knew someone who was there my anxiety dropped massively, in fact, I didn’t worry about going to Blog On at all. I knew from previous years that all the bloggers are friendly and welcoming.

We arrived at Hotel Football early as we wanted to make sure we could park somewhere close as Jo was on crutches and heavily pregnant. As it was a new venue there were a few hiccups including when we got sent down to the brands’ floor as they were still setting it up. We eventually found our way into the cafe and got talking to two people whilst we had a cup of tea. One was Charlotte a Vlogger for channel mum and the other was a lady whose name has escaped my baby brain. Sorry!

Blog On to me is a social event as it is lovely to meet up with bloggers you have met the year before.  It nice to see how everyone is doing and each time you attend Blog On the more bloggers you get to know. It was lovely seeing Toni again, as I met her at the very first Blog On.  Normally I’m not brave enough to say hello to anyone new but this time I said hello albeit briefly to different people. I said hello to Run Jump Scrap, and briefly spoke to Toby and Roo, without realising it was her at first. I did speak to her again later in the day after I had attended her session on Instagram, which was amazing by the way. I have already started implementing and noticing the difference on my Instagram.

I finally got to meet bloggers from Blog Bump Club and we had a lovely photo.

~#BLOGBUMPCLUB~ Love these ladies 💕💕💕 (Stolen from @corneliusblog 😘)

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 As the sessions were on different floors this year we had a colour coded schedule.
Blog On Xmas
My favourite session was the Instagram one with Toby and Roo, mainly because it was a fangirl moment ha. I was really inspired by the photographing kid’s session, Keeping up with the Jones Family. I found my DSLR the day after blog on and have been harassing the children ever since.
I ended up choosing to go to the photo styling session with Lucy as I couldn’t decide which one to do. Even though we missed the beginning as we were stuck in the Lift I really enjoyed this hands-on session.  We got to have a play around with different objects to create a flat lay that represents our blog.  This is what I managed to come up with.

Did you go to Blog On ??

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