Breastfeeding Lies!!!

Currently stuck under a poorly baby again!. I only ever seem to get chance to write now on my phone, whilst stuck under a sleeping baby.

My husband and I made note last night that we are sure C has had more coughs and colds than J ever had. Other than his allergies and reflux I only recall one sickness bug that really knocked J for six.

C was born in winter and seems to have had a cold longer than she hasn’t. I was under the impression breastfeeding helps keep bugs at bay. She managed to avoid chickenpox when J had them but colds not so much.

The past 2 days she has been so clingy, understandably. I only got something to eat at 1 because D came home for his dinner hour by chance and made me something.

So other than snot suckers and a humid room, any other tips for dealing with a fever in an 11 month old. ?

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