Siblings- March #thesiblingsproject

This month has seen J turn 4, he seems so much more grown up all of a sudden.  I’m not sure if that is because he is simply ‘maturing’ or because C is seeming more like a real person now rather than just a sleeping newborn.

C has become clingier which is making things a little harder as J is wanting me to spend time with him more.  I do think there is a slight bit of jealousy but he still adores C.  We have noticed that they both seem to want to go to bed at the same time which results in a nightmare as they won’t go to sleep in the same room. D ends up putting J to sleep whilst I play the roulette game of can I get C to stay in her cot.

J has started to let C play with his toys so she can often be found with a toy car in her hand.  Now she is able to grasp objects this has meant that she can play more with him,  It’s nice to see the bond developing between them and I hope they grow up to be good friends. When J is around C only has attention for him which includes when she is fed as she is getting so nosey.

J is enjoying singing to C as she laughs and smiles at him.  When C is upset this often results in J shouting nursery rhymes at her over the crying.  This doesnt help the situation but he obviously means well.

C has started ‘talking’ and J is so proud of her. He gave her a sticker the other day as she was ‘using her words’

Here are some of the photos from this month.



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