Handy Baby Items Second Time Round

I have been meaning to write a post about my baby must haves for a while now.  I wrote one a when J was younger about my top 5 newborns must have. Looking back on it now I can’t believe how it has changed.


Babywearing is still at the top of the list although admittedly I haven’t been using slings as much as I did with J.  C is such a chilled out baby that she doesn’t have to be attached to me 24/7. I do still enjoy using them and the times that she is clingy they are handy for being able to play with J in the garden at the same time or cook tea for them. Now C is 6 months, I feel more confident about putting her on my back. This is much easier as it has meant I have been able to do housework whilst she is quite happy being nosey.

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Poddlepod/Toddle pod

We had the Poddlepod & Toddle pod in storage from when J was a baby, we used them from day 1 with C and she is such a great sleeper. She did have her nights that she refused to sleep anywhere other than our bed. Now she is happy to be put down sleepy in her poddlepod, she drifts off to sleep on her own.  She wakes roughly 3hrly in the night for feeds but then happily goes back to sleep.  The advantage of having a poddle pod means that when she goes to grandma and grandad for a sleepover, we can send the poddle pod with her.  This means she has a similar environment and normally sleeps just as well, if not better.

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Play Gym

We originally had J’s old play gym for C, as she was quite happy to lay down on it, we quickly realised that it was a bit boring. J never really got much use out of his play gym because of his reflux.  I set about looking at reviews and several people recommended the Stargazer Play gym.  I refused to pay full price for it, but I did find someone selling one online for a fraction of the price. The Stargazer play gym has an interactive touch pad, pull toys, lights and sounds.  This means it keeps C’s attention for slightly longer than a normal play gym does.  It has different music cards so that you can alternate what music and themes play.  As a plus feature, this is great for J to help interact with C as he ‘shows’ her how to set the music off.

Angelcare bath holder

We were given this by a family member and it has been so handy.  We had a bath holder for J but it was different and at the time we thought it was great.  In comparison, however, the angel care bath holder is so much better. We have used the seat so that C can share a bath with J and I don’t have to worry so much about holding a slippy baby in the bath.  I have used the angel care bath holder on the floor of the bathroom whilst I have had a shower. C is happy as she can see me and I know she is safe. This also means that I don’t have to have a shower when she naps so it gives me extra time to do other things.

Pacifi Dummy *

Luckily C hasn’t really been ill yet other than your typical cough and a cold.  I did worry after she had her injections that she may end up with a temperature. We have a Pacifi Dummy so I wasn’t concerned about the faff of trying to take her temperature. The dummy is a smart device that allows you to track you child’s temperature to a smartphone app.  It can be used continuously to monitor your baby’s temperature easily, meaning if they are asleep you don’t have to worry about disturbing them. Again as we all know I am very into my gadgets and I love the idea behind this. I keep recommending the Pacifi Dummy to people and my grandma is amazed at how technology has changed things.


Swaddle blankets

C has now transitioned to sleeping bags but up un till being 5 months old, these love to swaddle bags were a life saver. She had such a strong Moro reflex she would always wake herself up. She also had a habit of rubbing her eyes in her sleep which then scratched her. Being in the swaddle blanket stopped this from happening. I have been known on occasion to use the swaddle blanket again at night especially when her crazy arms seems to appear again.


As you can see from my old list Muslins do not feature in this new one.  I now totally understand why some people find them the most pointless baby items.  We never use them! In contrast to J, the reflux baby, where we needed about 40 a day. So now I have a drawer full of them that never really see the day of light.


What baby item would you recommend?


  1. Lisa (mummascribbles) says:

    I hardly ever wore Zach but with Oscar I am doing it a lot more. He loves it too, especially when he faces the world! Also rate the poddle pod – it was a lifesaver in those early days for just being able to plop him down. Also totally love the angelcare bath seat – I had a different one with Zach but this is way better!

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