Happy New Year – Motivation

So I’ve been a bit quiet recently, I’ve not posted much since before Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas day and it was relatively quiet, well as quiet as it can be with a toddler and an excited 4-year-old. In the run-up to Christmas, however, we decided to decorate the children’s bedroom. They now have a rainbow themed bedroom which I will be doing a post about as soon as I clear all the washing away that’s in there at the moment. Our tumble dryer has broken so I am constantly playing catch-up with the washing.

With the start of the New Year also comes new motivation for work, something seems to have clicked a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if it’s just me getting back to normal after having C, feeling more like me again, or something else. I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions because I never I never stick to them, however, I have seen that a few people have been choosing a word to follow for that year instead. If I was to have a word this year I definitely think it would be motivated.

I think I am motivated by work because I feel I am more than just a mum when I am there. It’s very easy to slip into the mundane life as a mum. Life often feels you’re living in repeat; breakfast, home, second breakfast for the other child, nap, school run, tea, bath then bed. With C being a nightmare with bedtime at the moment, I’m not really having any time to myself in an evening either. There is definitely a correlation between how often I’ve blogged and how much sleep I get, unfortunately, at the moment I seem to be trying to play catch up with sleep so any time to myself is short lived.

I’m back on my hairdressing Instagram account, I’m determined to get more followers and engagement on it this year, which has been working so far. I get a lot of new clients through Instagram and is a very important tool in my industry especially nowadays with social media being so popular. I think Facebook has had its day for businesses now as posts are simply not being shown to people because of the algorithms. Recently C has been a bit of a nightmare with regards to bedtime, wonder week again!, however rather than it frustrating m, I have been using this time to browse Instagram. I’m finding inspiration from hairdressers from all over the world.

Little trim and glamour waves for this lady this morning.

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Really need to start taking more pictures. Little bit of firery hair up this morning.

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