I Don’t Understand The Easter Commercialisation!

I really don’t get Easter and this year I have really noticed the commercialisation of the holiday even more. Now don’t get me wrong I’m glad of a bank holiday, it means we get more family time together. What I don’t get it how much chocolate and even toys kids get nowadays.

Now I’m not religious so I’m not on about the true meaning of Easter. Is it when Christ was reborn? hence the egg? This is my point, so many people celebrate Easter when in reality it is just an excuse to go overboard with chocolate and other random items. Now any day ending in Y is a good day for chocolate in my opinion.

Having a son who was allergic to dairy and soya for his first 2 years on earth was great, well it wasn’t, but at Easter it was. I didn’t have to worry about the amount of chocolate he was going to be given. Fast forward 3 years down the line and add in a 17-month-old to the mix, it’s sugar related meltdowns everywhere.  I don’t begrudge giving them chocolate but in reality, they don’t see the issue in eating chocolate constantly and I’ve already had to hide all the eggs from little miss as we have had temper tantrums from not letting her eat them all at once.  In a country that seems to be constantly on about healthy eating and limiting snacks, there seems to be a high amount of hypocrisy.

Chocolate aside I don’t understand how Easter has become about buying other items such as Easter cards and even Easter crackers. Cards, I’m guessing are a generational thing. You’re lucky if you even get a card for your birthday in this house. I get that people don’t like giving kids too much chocolate but for some reason, this has now turned into buying them gifts instead. Why do they need gifts? I don’t get it. I saw someone mention their son got a bike for Easter! I’m seeing more and more social media posts with photos of piles and piles of eggs for each child. It seems like Easter has become another chance for some parents to show off.

This Easter we went to two not so local national trust places. We had a wander around, happened to find some bunnies hidden and had a great family time. We didn’t actually go for the Easter hunt on the first one so didn’t end up completing a form to win an egg. The kids still enjoyed it though. We did do the hunt at the second house and had fun finding the names of the animals we needed to find.


On the flip side, if you teach your children about the true meaning of Easter then that’s ok, I totally understand that. I’m sure when J is older then we will explain that it is what some people believe. At the moment though I think the idea of someone being able to come back to life and be reborn would open too many upsetting conversations. Why couldn’t grandad come back? What about the cat? Etc..


Did you have a nice Easter? 

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