The Importance Of Protein In Breast Milk

importance of protein in breast milk

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Before having a child, I didn’t realise how important protein in breast milk, would be to a child’s diet. At 4 months old J was found to have a Cows Milk Protein Allergy, which meant that his immune system would overreact to the protein found in milk. Cow’s milk protein, can be passed through protein in breast milk depending on a mother’s diet. As C is now 18 weeks old, I think it is safe to presume; she doesn’t seem to have a milk allergy. This is great as I don’t have to think about my diet and worry about protein in my breast milk. Many people continue to breastfeed even though their child has a cows milk protein allergy. There is only a small percentage of people, that have to think about their own diet when it comes to breastfeeding and CMPA. If you are one of these people that have to cut out their dairy, then there are many support groups available.  They can advise how to avoid dairy and continue breastfeeding.

SMA Nutrition have made an infographic, which outlines the importance of protein in the first 1000 days of a child’s life. From conception, right through to being two years old this infographic by SMA Nutrition outlines just how the protein works within correlation to a baby’s growth. I am presuming this is why colostrum is known as liquid gold, even the smallest amounts are so beneficial to a newborn baby. The need for protein in breast milk is much higher within early months, as the rate of growth is much faster. As a newborn babies stomach, can only fit a small quantity of milk. The protein in breast milk is more concentrated, compared to later months, when baby can consume more milk. ZTC1819a/04/17 SMA® Nutrition UK

protein in breast milk


  1. Lynn says:

    Your doing so well, as I know the problems you had last time. It’s this why frozen breast milk is different colours?

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