Jumping On The Gender-Neutral Bandwagon

I have decided to write about people jumping on the gender-neutral bandwagon, after seeing yet another video about ‘Raising our child as neither boy nor girl’. I do believe most of these parents are simply jumping on a viral bandwagon to try and get their 5 minutes of fame.

I think the whole term gender neutral is ridiculous when it comes to discussing children who are not old enough to make their own decisions. If, as an older child or adult, you decide to be gender-neutral then that is your choice. What I have a problem is with parents that actively announce they are raising their child as gender neutral. Why make a big deal of it?!? My son plays with dolls and prams, play kitchens. I have painted his nails when he has asked and most recently coloured his hair, albeit with hair chalk. He is still a boy, however, I am raising him however he wishes to be. I actually think its the term gender-neutral I dislike.


If J decides he wants to dress up as a princess he can. I also have a daughter now and I’m sure when she gets older she will want to play dress up with her brother. If she wants to be Batman she can, I won’t be going buying her a Batman dress, unless that is what she wants. I am raising them to be who they want to be, play with what they want to play with. That does not mean they are gender-neutral. If when they are older they decide they relate more to the opposite gender then that is ok with me. I’m an open person I couldn’t care less if they are straight bi or gay  As long as they are happy with themselves then I will be happy.

I was never a girly girl as a child, I always remember wearing trousers and disliking pink, this doesn’t mean my mum raised me to be gender neutral! This just means I was a girl that liked what I like and disliked what I disliked. I remember playing football but I also liked to take part in dance class.

I think the people who actively announce they are raising their child gender neutral make life choices on behalf of their child just to push the gender neutral. I dislike baby girls dressed in baby pink, that is my choice. I actively avoided dressing C in baby pink, if when she is older she wants to wear pink she can. For now, though it’s me that is making the choices.

I must admit if in years to come my children decided they wanted to be the opposite gender I would find it a challenge to get used to, after all, they are my children who I have raised as the gender they were born with. I would never stop them if that is what they wanted to do, again as long as they were happy.  However, for now, he is a boy but that will make no difference to how I raise him. I am not raising him

However, for now, I have a boy and a girl but that will make no difference to how I raise them. They will both get the same toys to play with, both have the same opportunities given to them. Football, Gymnastics, Music lessons, Cooking class.  I am not raising my children gender

 I am not raising my children gender neutral, I am simply raising them as children.

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  1. Jenny Leonard says:

    I do think the insistence that we all need so many labels and to fall into so many boxes is actually the problem. I agree that children really need one label – children. Then let them play with what they want and be who they want to be – your job is just to facilitate that by providing access to a range of toys and experiences, and not being judgey about which they choose to enjoy 🙂
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