No Such Thing As Bad Weather

We are a family that very much believes in the “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD WEATHER, ONLY BAD CLOTHES” mantra.

Being from England you can pretty much guarantee it will rain at some point in the day. Even before the children were born we were a very outdoorsy couple. This only got more important to us as we had children and wanted to keep them occupied. J as a 1-year-old would literally climb the walls if stuck inside all day.

Waterproofs and a decent coat have always been a staple item in everyone’s wardrobes. One thing that always let me down, however, was my shoes. My normal beloved trainers would get soaked and this left me with cold wet feet, however wearing wellies I would be dry but uncomfortable walking long distances.

D has always been a lover of proper walking shoes, in fact, I don’t think he has ever owned a pair of shoes other than work shoes that are not walking shoes. In the past, I have bought walking shoes but I have never gone on with them. I can remember getting a particular pair that the laces wouldn’t even stay tied properly.

I was recently given the chance to try out some women’s hiking boots and seeing as though we were heading into autumn and the not so nice weather, I thought that was great timing.

One thing we like to do as a family is getting out for a walk on a Sunday. As I work on Saturdays, Sundays are the only day we get together as a family. Quite often you can find the day can be quite repetitive with having to sort out uniforms and pack lunches for school and work the next day. This is why we like to get out as a family and spend some quality time together.

This weekend we just did a little local stroll that took us up a muddy hill, following a footpath that J had wanted to find out where it went.  We happened to find a lost phone, hidden amongst the autumn leaves, which we managed to return at the end of the walk to the horse riders we had seen ahead of us. The walk took us over several types of terrain and finally over a bridge until we ended up back near the start.

I think D learnt from his mistake of agreeing to the children taking their scooter with them.  A stubborn nearly 2yr old who had to scoot everywhere was either slow or not able to move on the grass. This resulted in him carrying her so she was ‘flying’ on the scoter several times. Cute moments did include them both ‘fixing’ their scooters with sticks.

My first impressions were that the Women’s walking boots were very chunky and solid. I was slightly concerned the walking shoes would feel too heavy when wearing them. I am pleased to say however this was not the case. It felt like I was walking on air as they were extremely padded and as someone who has never had decent ankle support before  I can’t believe how much better and supportive they feel. The Brasher Women’s Country Master walking boots are made from waterproof, durable leather which helps keeps your feet dry. The shoes have a Vibram® outsole which provides great grip on wet and rocky trails, ideal for our walk out.

I am pleased to say that I found the shoes provided great support over our walk and not once did they rub. Even after walking through all the wet leaves my feet were still nice and dry and warm. My shoes definitely will not be letting me down on walks from now on.


The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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