Rock Hunting In The Holidays

Over the school holidays, we jumped on the bandwagon that is rock hunting. Our local area quickly got involved in the craze that is sweeping the nation. Someone started a Facebook group which I joined when it was at around 60 people, over night it hit 200 and now it has nearly 2k members. The basic idea is to paint a stone and write the facebook group name on the underneath. You hide your stone and wait until someone else finds it, they will then hopefully take a photo and post it into the group and then re hiding the stone.

The local group started to hide them near my mum’s house and we have had fun exploring the local park to try and find the stone. Some stones have been easer to find than others especially when they have been painted a bright colour. I’m not sure who has had more fun exploring and looking for these stones, J or me. My mum has noticed a lot more people visiting the local park looking for these stones and children are so excited when they find the decorated stones. There have been a few issues of people not being able to find any stones, whether that is because they have been hidden too well, or the fact that some people seem to have taken them home. What we have been doing, is rehiding the stones as soon as we find them and taking a photo. Some people have been replacing stones with one that they have decorated themself and taking the original stone to another area to see how far they can travel. This is a great idea but I do think it is a shame if some people are moving stones and not replacing them, I can imaine the children would get upset if they didnt find a stone.

I have loved seeing all the different designs on the stones and some of the fantastic things they have been made into. We have seen ladybirds, owls, strawberries and a penguin to name a few. My tip to other people taking part would be to paint them in bright colours. I think some are not being found because they have been drawn on with felt tips which are nice if you know what you are looking at but in a big park would be hard to be found.

Thanks to D we found a local stream nearby, the perfect place to find stones for painting. Rather than painting the stones, as it’s too messy for my liking, we have done melted wax stones.

This has been a great free activity to keep J and myself occupied in the school holidays. I am hoping that it doesn’t stop now the children are back at school. I have seen someone mention that they are going to get their class to decorate their own stones to take part, also a few childminders that have been joining in.

Has the stone craze hit your area yet?


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