We seem to have moved on to Baby Led Weaning BLW

I recently wrote about the fact that we had started weaning with C. Well it turns out she is rather fond of Baby led weaning as well. In fact, she seems to be taking after me as she will eat everything you give her. The NHS guidelines on weaning can be found here.

Even though we started with purees C quickly learnt that she could pinch the spoon off me and ‘feed’ herself.  This resulted in a lot of mess as you can imagine.  This made me start thinking about the fact we could go more down the Baby led weaning route. Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning. The term was originally coined by Gill Rapley, a former health visitor and midwife. I started to give C pieces of veg at the same time as her puree tea.  We have stuck to one meal a day in the evening as she is not 6 months yet, I know it’s more important that she is getting her nutrition from breastmilk.


Baby led weaning


Baby led weaning

As you can see she has taken to most things, this is the face I get when she has finished her food.

I am hoping that her love for trying new things will continue and she will be much less fussy than J. In fact weaning C has actually helped me when it comes to food with J. He has happily eaten broccoli in a pasta sauce, as he helped me blend it. I have also managed to get him to eat carrot mushroom and cauliflower in the same way. I have downloaded the BLW app and have made a few recipes off there with J as he likes cooking. Not only has C tried them but even J has eaten some. Spinach, tomato and cheese pinwheels being a favourite.

Baby led weaning

We quickly remembered how annoying it was when your baby drops their food down the gap between them and the tray. Not only does it waste the food when it falls on the floor but it is extra messy, porridge fingers anyone?!? My friend recommended the Tidy Tot to me and I managed to find one for sale locally.  It is great as it gives C the chance to pick her food up again as rather than falling down the gap, the food is meant to roll down onto the tray again. I’m sure when she gets a bit bigger it will work better as she still ends up with a little shelf, it’s much tidier though.

What is your child’s favourite BLW meal?


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