Weaning Here We Come…

We originally planned on weaning C when she reached 6 months and going down the BLW route. When she reached 5 months she, however, had different plans.  I randomly decided to buy a puree pouch to see if she liked the taste and planned to freeze the rest into ice cubes for when she was ready. When I gave her the taste of the pouch she cried at me for more.  I gave her a few spoonfuls, tat she demolished before putting te rest of the pouch away.  She wasn’t happy that I took the food from her so it was safe to say she liked it.  I thought it may have just been a fluke so tried her later on with some more and she did the same thing. I videoed her meltdown from when I took the food away from her.  In all honesty, it was because I felt that I had to prove to myself that she was ready for it as I know a few people will judge me for ‘early’ weaning.

As we were not planning on traditional weaning I wasn’t prepared for how to do it.  You only are meant to introduce a few new foods at a time.  I am also aware that it can take 10 tastes before baby decides if they like it or not.  I had read that as babies have a sweet tooth, it is best to start with Veg first, so they don’t get a preference.  As C is breastfed I find this theory slightly odd as breast milk is sweet anyway so i wouldn’t think it would make much difference.  Here are a list of the different foods that she has had so far and what she thought of them;

C didn’t like the lumpiness of normal porridge so I bought a packet of baby porridge as it saves me time in the morning blending. I found it strange as she would eat some of her other foods slightly lumpy so I will keep trying her with the normal porridge.  I think it may have been the taste rather than the texture as one I added banana or apple into the porridge she ate it.

Sweet potatoes and BM – loved but only when it was smooth enough

Brocolli and BM – Wasn’t impressed but ate it when it was mixed with passata

Peas and BM – She loved this which really surprised me. J, on the other hand, told me not to feed it her near him, as he was pulling his disgusting face.

Carrot – wasn’t too impressed but again liked it when mixed with another vegetable.

Parsnip – One of her favourites so far, C actually realised she could hold her spoon and feed herself at this point.  I just had to preload the spoon and give it to her.







We have slowed down on the weaning and have stuck with just one ‘meal’ a day at the moment. Tea seems to be the best time for her to have a  meal as it works well with timings.  At first, C basically went straight onto 3 meals a day and I am slightly concerned that it was too much for her. I will keep her at one meal for a while whilst offering finger foods that she can take when she wants. She has already had some of my apple but got annoyed as she couldn’t eat it properly.

The next thing I need to do it to go in the loft to get all the bits out and other items for weaning as I had packed them away in the 6-9 month clothes.

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