What is a Haakaa Pump?

When it comes to the world of expressing it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the different brands and types of breast pumps.  One of the pumps I had seen recommended several times was a HaaKaa Pump.  On first impressions, I wasn’t exactly sure how the HaaKaa pump worked as there was no mechanism that pumped in the traditional way like an electric or manual pump would. I found out that you simply squeezed the suction cup onto your breast, and the pump will draw the milk from your breast.

HaaKaa pump

HaaKaa’s breast pumps are made using 100% medical grade silicone, free from toxic materials they are available in 100ml or 150ml sizes. It is worth noting that the 150ml size also now comes with a suction base.  This is a massive plus point for anyone who has ever spilt expressed milk, as they know how soul destroying it can be.

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The best way to use the HaaKaa pump I have found is to apply it to the opposite side when feeding baby. By using it this way I find that I collect more milk because of the letdown.  It would be easy to start a freezer stash just by using the HaaKaa pump everytime you are feeding.  As long as the milk is the same temperature they can be mixed so you could keep adding each session expressed milk together until you have enough to freeze in whatever quantities you wish.


Surprisingly I was able to use the pump whilst sorting out in the kitchen, I wouldn’t trust the suction to keep the pump attached 100% so it is worth being aware that it may fall off so be prepared to catch it.  I balanced the pump underneath my nursing bra so it at least had some support.  As you can see it is discreet enough to be able to use it under your top depending on what you are wearing obviously. I normally use a double pump when I am at work but it will be handy to keep my HaaKaa Pump in my bag when I am out and about in case I feel the need to pump when I am not with C.

I am now actually at a point where I don’t need to express as I have that much milk stored in the freezer. When I need to start building up my stash again I will be using my Haakaa as it is so easy.  I don’t have to worry about being close to a plug socket or if the batteries in the pump are charged enough.

I just wanted to add that before I got the HaaKaa pump I decided to try one of the cheap versions to see if it would work. I had read reports that some people couldn’t seem to get the HaaHaa to work so I didn’t want to risk getting one and it not working.  The cheap version did work, however, I shall tell you the differences.

First, the cheap pump stunk of chemicals! Ever after washing and sterilising the chemical smell was really strong. The cheap pump was also made out of thicker plastic/silicone. This made it more uncomfortable and bulkier.

I would recommend going straight for the HaaKaa and saving your money in the long run. You can follow them on Instagram and see the other products they offer.

We received the HaaKaa pump free in return for an honest review


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    Oh gosh, this sounds brilliant! I would have used this if I’d known about it when I had mine. I only had a hand pump so this would be much better. I didn’t express with my second because I hated it so much with my first.
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