Degu treats

When we first got our Degus , many years ago, they were in a relatively small cage. We slowly adapted their cage making it bigger, cutting another cage up at joining it to the original one.  This obviously wasn’t the most nicest looking thing so we managed to find a cheapest cage off eBay that looked a lot neater than what they had currently.  Over the years they have got through several toys and wheels. We had a ‘silent’ spinner wheel for them at one point which they loved but unfortunately wasn’t very silent.  They managed to chew through this eventually so we replaced it with another not so silent spinner. When they destroyed this one we gave up on the idea of another plastic wheel and wanted a metal one. The ones we have seen are too expensive though in my opinion so we are trying to wait to find one second-hand. 

 Whilst looking for a wheel I came across the site Feedem . With Degus being such specialised animals you have to be careful what items you buy them . As degus are diabetic you have to be careful with treats and how much sugar is in them.  We rehomed the Degus and they came with several items not appropriate. I research Degus and found that only certain types of wood should be used in their cage as lots are poisonous for them.  Feedem didn’t have a Degu specific category , however when I searched for the word Degu it brought up several items. I ended up ordering some treats as we have been saying for a while they needed some new items.

 Amongst these items were these cornflower and daisy sticks . I also ordered a rope bridge which was meant for rats , but I think the degus will like it. They have nearly chewed through a branch that we put in the cage, it looks like it will snap any day soon.

J absolutely loves helping look after the goos and when the parcel arrived he took everything over to the Degus to show them. Whilst I was attaching the rope bridge to the cage , J had fun balancing hay onto of the goos.  The Degus are a lot more friendly and sociable now than when we first got them.  I think they have taught J that he needs to be gentle with animals otherwise they would run off from him. He even gave one of the good a kiss, it was the most adorable thing ever.

*We were sent some items free from Feedem in return for this post*

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