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I have been feeling really frumpy and fed up recently, I don’t think this helps my depression much.  I am fed up about the weight i haven’t lost since having J as well as  my fingers being too fat to wear my wedding ring still.  My hair has been in desperate need of an overhaul, which is ironic considering I’m a hairdresser.  I hate clothes shopping with a passion. I always want to try a new style but feel an idiot in anything new. I end up living in jeans and a t-shirt with trainers.  When i go out, i do like to wear a dress but again being short i do struggle to find a style i like. I had stopped wearing makeup and generally just felt like a frumpy mummy.

Well today was different,I bought some BB cream over the weekend . I have a nightmare finding foundation normally being so pale. The BB cream was perfect, I instantly felt less of a frumpy mummy.  Then this morning I found my blazer and wore that to work with my uniform.  I had my hair cut off into a nice bob and had it dyed a nice bright blonde.  I haven’t felt this nice in a long time.  I even managed to find a dress that i liked to wear to my friends wedding. Overall it has been a really positive day.

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  1. BakedPotato Mummy says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so down about yourself. I hate clothes shopping too, but then I always have. I’ve always been a big girl and I have not being able to find a size to fit me!
    I’m really glad that you’ve managed to find a little time to do something for yourself and are feeling a bit better xx

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