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Running part 1


To most people the thought of going out for a walk at the beginning of the year is short-lived. You tend to find that everyone makes their new years resolution to be healthier and exercise more. This is why on new years day you often find popular walking areas packed with family’s traipsing along. I remember one new year before J was born we went out to Castleton only to find it was packed and all the parking spaces had gone. We ended up parking miles away just so we could walk back into Castleton.

I have recently discovered the enjoyment of walking more again. Most recently we have been to Hollingworth Lake and Lyme Park.  Not only is walking helping me lose the weight I put on when I was pregnant. *cough* chocolate cravings anyone? *cough*. I also find that it is helping immensely regarding my mental health.  There seems to be nothing better than getting wrapped up lovely and warm and going out for a brisk stroll on a cold but sunny day. The only thing that would make it better was if I had a lovely cashmere jumper to keep me extra warm.  We would be able to stay out longer if J accepted to learn that wearing gloves would keep him warmer. He doesn’t seem to mind his tiger hat but the gloves are another story.

I haven’t been out much this week and I have been struggling a bit . I do think that there may be a correlation but its hard to get out of the catch 22. I have recently got a gym pass for a few days so I will be trying that out soon. As well as walking I have been going to Zumba. I do find that if I am stressed and worked up, I can Zumba it away. I will write a separate post about Zumba though in more detail.

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  1. amber says:

    I always feel good walking outside to refresh my mind. At night, I drink ashwagandha tea to relieve stress and much better with skim milk. Because of too much stress from work we really need to have a good combination of taking care of our mental health and physical health.

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