40 Weeks Pregnant – Due Date

So today is my due date I am 40 weeks pregnant, it is the 7th of November, I honestly didn’t think I would still be waiting by this point. I had a gut feeling that baby girl would have been early, however, it appears that she has other ideas.

Over the past few days, I have had some sort of twinges I wouldn’t say they were painful however they were definitely tightenings of some sort because last time I didn’t realise I was actually in labour I have been trying to look out for signs more this time. As we have J and have to sort child care out we’ve been a bit more on edge as last time labour happened very quickly. I think that is why it seems to have really dragged up until my due date as every time I get a twinge I think this is it.

D booked today off work, both of us could take J to school this morning but I wasn’t going to, then I thought it might be the last time I take him as an only child. Ha ha, what’s the betting I’m on the school run in the morning.

We have been for a wander around B&Q this morning and then I have spent the day collecting items I have bought off Facebook locally. In good news, I’ve managed to get J a load of clothes for £15, which means I don’t have to.worry about him outgrowing clothes for a while.

We have had a spanner thrown in the works this week as one of our emergency childcare for J has hurt their foot, this means they can’t drive so we have had to sort other emergency childcare just in case J needs picking up from school.

When I was pregnant with J I only ended up two days over my due date when he was born.  I had such an easy pregnancy with him it didn’t really bother me, however? this time because I feel like I’m falling apart each day it is dragging. I can’t imagine going two more weeks like that and I know that sounds really dramatic.

Hopefully by the time I publish this post baby girl will be here. Here’s hoping she doesn’t take much longer.

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