5 Second Rule Jr Review

5 Second Rule Jr Review

We were recently sent the 5 Second Rule Jr from University Games to review. Originally I thought the game would be great for in the caravan as we are always thinking of new ways to keep J occupied in case it rains, which let’s face it is most likely. After playing the game a few times it has fast become a favourite especially after getting home from school.

5 Second Rule Jr is a child’s version of 5 Second Rule, even though the game is aimed at age 6 and above I thought we could try it out with J.  The basic idea behind the game is to choose one of the cards and answer the question, by naming 3 things within 5 seconds. The games contains 200 double-sided cards (400 Questions), 6 playing pieces, 5-second twisted timer, game board and the rules.

5 Second Rule Jr Review

The Rules state that at each turn you go around the players answering the same card, with different answers, until someone cannot name 3 things within the 5 – second twisted timer. We have made our own version of the game by adjusting the rules but the main concept of naming 3 things stays the same. As expected the time limit made J panic and lose his train of thought too easily, because of this we don’t actually use the timer. Well, the timer does come in handy as the baby likes to play with it, so it keeps her occupied whilst we play with J.

It has been really interesting to see what answers J comes up with, sometimes he has really surprised me with answers I didn’t think he would know. Playing 5 Second Rule Jr has been a great way to get J talking to me after school and opening up conversations.  Normally when he gets home and I ask him what he has been up to I simply get told he cant remember.

5 Second Rule Jr Review

The only niggle I have with the game is that I wish the cards had a lid.  This would mean that I would be able to just take the cards away with us rather than storing the full box.

Overall we really enjoyed playing 5 Second Rule Jr and anything that gets J away from the TV and us spending more time together as a family is a plus in my eyes.

Ages 6+. Currently available for £12.99 from Argos

What are your favourite board games?

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