The Amazing Alphabet review – Personalised book with a free app

We were recently sent two copies of The Amazing Alphabet book, one for J and one for C. The Amazing Alphabet is a personalised storybook that comes to life, as the characters on the page burst into animated 3D.  The idea behind the book is that Little Z goes on a journey to find his perfect friend, meeting colourful letters of the alphabet along the way.

The Amazing Alphabet

Augmented reality (AR) technology isn’t a new thing, however, this is the first time I have ever seen it combined with a book.  As a technology geek, I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of The Amazing Alphabet to see what all the fuss was about.

When you first get the book you simply download the Tiny Me The Amazing Alphabet app, either on your phone or tablet. The app is so simple to use that anyone could understand it. For the purpose of taking pictures for the review, I installed it on my old tablet, so i could use my phone for the pictures.  The photo quality doesn’t give it justice but it is hard to take a photo to show the AR.  I normally use the app on my phone to ‘read’ the book.

The Amazing Alphabet

At first we stuggled to get the hang of the app, you have to make sure that the camera can see the logo in the corners. This is fine as an adult but as an overexcited 4-year-old, it was hard to explain. J quickly got the hang of it though and can now easily use the app himself. If you get distracted the app reminds you when it is time to turn the page.  J loves pointing out the letters that he knows are in his name or someone elses, such as daddy.

As The Amazing Alphabet is so interactive I wouldn’t recommend it as a bedtime story book, unless you read it without using the accompanying app.  The first time I tried to read the book without the app, J was not impressed, as he wanted to see all the characters moving around. He does now, however, like to read it as a stand-alone book. Even though the book is a personalised bookthe childs name fits into the story well, featuring occasionally throughout.

You can read more about ‘The Amazing Alphabet’ on the TinyMe site here Tinyme are an Australian based company


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