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J loves anything to do with rescue services and transport, fire engines imparticular, so when we were sent some of the BRIO Fire and Rescue sets to review it was like Christmas had come early.  J has a collection of wooden trains and track that belonged to his dad so you are talking 28 yrs + old.  It wasn’t until this week that I found out it is old BRIO track.


I managed to get spiderman to sit still long enough for a quick photo before he opened up the train boxes.  I don’t think I have seen spiderman so excited to open something before.

There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the docking station and fill the fire train with water and gas. The firefighter goes along in his fire truck with sirens and light. Put down the fire with the fire hose on the wagon. For more action, just add more BRIO wooden tracks.

The Firefighter Set contains enough wooden track to make a circuit which means it would make the perfect starter set or a great addition to a previous collection.  The set comes with a Fire engine that has space for the driver to sit as well as working sirens and lights. This was a massive novelty point for both J and myself.  According to J, the little fireman seems to run around saying “Oh no, help, fire, Emergency”  this happens quite often.   The fire train comes with a carriage that has a ladder that moves and hose that unravels and extends.  The fire train comes with a carriage that has a ladder that moves and hose that unravels and extends.

BRIO Fire and Rescue

I always thought BRIO was only made of wood so I was surprised to see that the modern set contain a mix of wood and plastic.  This means that the sets can be more creative and I do think this helps children have a more imaginative play.  The set also comes with a petrol station, crossing with a gate, wooden tree and a mini fire.

When I explained to J that we were testing the BRIO Fire and Rescue set to see if we liked it he said he did like it, however, there was one thing missing.  There is only a gate on one side of the crossing! He made a valid point that the Fire engine could crash into the train. Show by the demonstration below ( obviously he had taken the gate off one side at this point)


Each piece of the wooden track has Brio marked into it which is handy for storage as it helps you keep all the Brio track together.  J has other wooden tracks and most of them fit the BRIO track however he does have one set that is very awkward so by having Brio marked on the track you can avoid storing them together. Limiting toddler meltdowns when it doesn’t slot together nicely.


Push the button on the engine and release the wagon for quick emergency help. Drive close to the fire, disconnect the water tank wagon and use the extendable fire hose.

The Rescue Firefighting Train contains a quick release waggon which allows the fireman to drop off the water tank or the carriage with the ladder and hose quickly.  This is important in emergency situations and speed is everything.  The water tank can be lifted off the base using the magnet on top of the tank.  My only criticism for this is that the set doesn’t actually contain a crane to pick it up.  This frustrated J as he has a crane out of another set so he knew what it was meant to do.  This resulted in us in having to root round the house until we found said crane and then all was well in the world of the toddler again.

The BRIO Fire and Rescue sets are really well made, with lots of accessories and can be used independently or together. Brio has lots of different sets and ranges meaning that children can collect the range over time, adding new pieces and finding new ways to play.  This is great for any future upcoming Christmas lists as it would be something to recommend to grandparents or friends and family to buy.

Anyone with children will understand that once a child has a toy that they like it often has to travel around with them.  This means that these sets have already visited Grandmas, Nanas and his cousin’s house. Unfortunately we have already misplaced the ‘train with a button on the top’ the quick release one.  I’m sure it will turn up in the next few days once I am able to visit and have a look around under the sofas etc.

As well as having to go on a travelling tour J has also been creative by adding other random toys into his set.  We had to add a shop to the set so he could put the fire in the shop so the fire engine had somewhere to attend an emergency.



Randomly in the photo below J decided that it had started raining so everyone had to get under the table to shelter from the rain. I love how random toddler can be and how amazing it is with some of the games they can create.


We were sent the BRIO Fire and Rescue set for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

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