Cheeky Wipes All In One Kit Review*

Recently we have been given the opportunity to review a Cheeky baby wipes all in one kit .  This couldn’t have come at a better time as J is really struggling with nappy rash at the moment and normal disposable baby wipes seem to be irritating him and making it worse. You can read here about our struggle with cloth nappies. However I still love the idea of reusable, not only are they better for the skin but they are also better for the environment . With this in mind and the way Js skin is at the moment i couldn’t wait to start trying the Cheeky wipes out.

I originally heard about Cheeky wipes when J was a newborn . I had already attempted to make my own reusable wipes.I spent the start of my labour cutting and sewing them at my mum house. They didn’t seem to work very well so I tended to reach for the disposable wipes.
Now if your like me you have lost count of the amount of disposable wipes you end up using in a day . Not only that but I’m always misplacing the packets so end up buying more and more until they slowly take over the house.  We are a cheap household and tend to use wipes that cost around 1p per wipe. As J has allergies one of the side effects can be toilet related so on a bad day we could be changing nappies just as much as you would be with a newborn.   Obviously all those 1p wipes add up and can quiet quickly spiral along.


Using one pack of disposable baby wipes per week at £2.49 in the first two years of your lovely baby’s life comes to a staggering £258.96!

The Cheeky Wipes cloth baby wipes kit costs just £39.99! 

taken from the Cheeky wipes website.




The Cheeky Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit contains:



The fresh wipes container is just slightly smaller than the mucky wipes one so that they can interlock . This is handy because you could take them away with you . We will definitely take them on holiday with us when we go away next time.


The kit comes with instructions on how to set your kit up. You basically put water in each container up to the fill level. Then add a few drops of the Lavender & Chamomile in the fresh container. Then some Tea Tree & Tea tree lemon in the mucky container. Then add your cheeky wipes into the fresh container and your good to go.

Now I have been using the cheeky wipes for a few days I can honestly say I’m converted.  In the house, the fresh and mucky wipe containers live in the cupboard on top of the washing machine.  I simply get a fresh wipe when needed and pop it in the mucky container when done. When I go out I use the  out and about travel bags. I do keep taking out more fresh wipes than I need but I would rather have extra.  As cheeky wipes are so efficient compared to disposable wipes I haven’t had to use more than one wipe per nappy change.   I did have to explain to my MIL not to put the cheeky wipes in the bin as they were reusable.  There was one occasion that I out of habit, had put the cheeky wipe in a wet nappy and put it in the bin. OOOPS.

Initially I thought I would need more than 25 wipes but I think that is a very good amount.  As you are recommended to wash the wipes after a  2/3 days in the fresh container I never actually run out of wipes.

I may have taken to putting a drop of the oils into a bowl of boiling water as they smell so nice.

I would and have recommended the Cheeky baby wipes all in one kit  to everyone . You can use it with cloth nappies or even as I have with disposable nappies.  I love the fact I don’t have to panic if I am running low on wipes and need to go to the shop.

I recieved Cheeky baby wipes all in one kit FOC in return for an honest review
Do you use cheeky wipes?


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