Chicken pox and the Snuggle Sac

J recently caught chickenpox from nursery.  Luckily he wasn’t very ill with it, however, he did look sorry for himself and spotty. The kind people over at Ollie & Leila  sent him a Snuggle Sac so he could get comfy.

When it arrived he was so excited we had to open it straight away. The first thing he said was how soft the Snuggle Sac was, which in all fairness I was very surprised about. The thing with normal sleeping bags is that they are made from that awkward material that is really noisy when you roll over. The Snuggle Sac is fleece on the outside with a 100% cotton lining, which means that not only is it soft but it is easy to roll up small to put in the carry case.

Snuggle Sac

The Snuggle Sac has a zip on one side which runs about three-quarters of the way down, this is another handy feature as it stops the child constantly opening it to make it into a rug, which is what J use to do with our camping sleeping bags.
The Snuggle Sac doesn’t come with a pillow,  it does, however, have a section where you can put your own pillow into it this is another reason why it folds up so small.

Jacob was quick to get in the Snuggle Sac, where he proceeded to relax and watch TV while snuggled in with his little baby Baa lamb.


J wanted to use the Snuggle Sac in his bed overnight. I was hoping that this would help him sleep as he is forever kicking the covers off himself in the night. He did still wake up once telling me he was scared of his minion poster that has been up for months, does anyone else’s kid randomly do that!?!. His sleep was a massive improvement compared to what we have been getting the last few weeks.  I’m not sure if that was because he told me if he woke up he would stroke the soft Snuggle Sac then go back to sleep, but here’s hoping!

As the Snuggle Sac is portable I am sure that it will become a regular item that will go on sleepovers with him to grandmas house.

Luckily J managed with chicken pox relatively ok. The hardest thing was keeping him entertained whilst we were stuck in the house.  We ended up watching lots of films including chitty chitty bang bang on repeat. J has started singing the songs now which is adorable.   I’m hoping that C doesn’t catch chicken pox as I know it has a long incubation period, she seems to be clear so far.

Has your child had chicken pox before? How were they?


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