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Twinkl Resources is an online website for teachers or parents/home educators. It covers all ages of children’s curriculum from early years to key stage 3/4. I have kindly been given a subscription in return for an honest review.

If you have been following me on social media you may have seen several posts already about Twinkl resources.  I first started using Twinkl resources when we were stuck in the house when J had chicken pox.  I used Twinkl resources to print off superhero activities, including these brick building pictures. it is such a great way to use lego and J had fun matching up the superheroes, as well as mismatching them to make new superheroes.  I really liked the fact that Twinkl resources give you the option to select what size bricks you are planning on using, they gave you the correct sized pictures to print out.  This means you don’t have to faff around checking if the pictures are the right sizes.

When I first got on the Twinkl website to have a look around, I was amazed at how many resources there are available. You can either search by age or you can simply search by a word. This is really handy as when J is into a certain subject I can search for resources around that. This week’s activity happened to be space, I was able to print off a picture of the solar system and explain about planets to J.

Since I have been a member of Twinkl, I have realised that J uses Twinkl resources with his nursery class. He is always coming home with certificates for good behaviour or a picture that he has coloured in. I love that the nursery uses Twinkl as it shows how much they want to enrich the children’s day. There is no structure in his nursery but the children can choose what they want to do in the day. The teacher told me the other week that for some reason all the children came into school talking about pirates. This meant that she changed her activities for the week and J ended up coming home with different pirate related crafts, a treasure map being a must.

Twinkl Resources has also come into its own recently. As it is getting nicer weather it means that J can get out in the garden and his play house more often. He made the decision to take his sticker chart into his playhouse, this gave me the idea to print out some of the Twinkl Resources and stick up in his playhouse.

Twinkl Resources

In all honesty, I have put off writing this review several times as I don’t feel I can do Twinkl Resources the justice it deserves.  There is so much on offer that I keep thinking of other items that I could write about.  I have decided to publish this post as it is now but keep an eye out on social media as I am sure Twinkl will appear several times.

Twinkl is great for rainy days when you are stuck in the house, as well as being great if you have a child like mine that constantly asks you questions about things.


  1. Ellie says:

    Oh this looks amazing. I’m sure a teacher friend of mine did mention it a while ago as she uses it with her year 1 class.
    I might need to invest in this for the summer holidays.

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