Chuggington ConnecTrax Review #ChuggingtonToys

Easter weekend for us meant a room swap round, us into the small room, kids into the larger room. The reason for this being that J would then have more space to play with his toys, in particular, his train sets. I am forever tripping over them in the front room downstairs.

This weekend also coincided with us receiving a selection of Chuggington toys, from Jazwares to review. Chuggington has always been a favourite of J’s, talking trains what more could a child want!.

The new range of toys are created for young children  (2+) and are made from a soft rubber. One of the first things J noticed was that the trains were ‘squishy’. There are 24 characters to collect and various Track Packs. The train tracks are compatible with most preschool train systems, we have Brio and Ikea tracks in our house.

chuggington connectrax

On first impressions, J was disappointed that the track pack didn’t contain the train wash, as it is on the picture on the pack.  He soon got over that though and quickly wanted me to unpack the trains.  As he was so excited I forgot to take unboxing pictures.

One of the first things I noticed was that the trains aren’t magnetic like most other train sets, the trains are connected by links.  I am so pleased that the sets are compatible with most preschool systems as it is so handy to be able to combine and built up a collection. We have enough stuff in J’s room so it is great we can store all the train stuff together.

We made a short video of J playing with his Chuggington ConnecTrax. It was quite amusing listening to his imagination, some of the trains were the bad guys and they were under arrest. Needless to say, we are not the next Zoella, however, J told me he likes making videos so I am sure we will be making some more.


You can find Chuggington and Jazwares on Twitter.


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