Crate Creatures Surprise Review

We were gifted one of the new Crate Creatures to review. Crate Creatures come in the choice of 4 different creatures. We were sent Pudge who I would describe as some sort of fluffy troll.

The crate creatures arrive in their own reusable crate, this instantly creates an element of suspense for children. The first thing I noticed on the crate was the sign saying do not pull tongue. Of course, this is then the first thing you do which sets off Pudge making different noises.  You initially have to break out your creature from his crate. To do this you use a crowbar that is cleverly attached to the side of the crate. Using the crowbar you press a release button on the padlock which allows you to unlock it. Then using the prongs on the crowbar you can insert them into the top of the crate that presses a button to pop open the lid of the crate and releases Pudge.

Crate Creatures

C promptly pinched ‘monster’ out of the crate and wandered around the house and garden cuddling him. J then spend around 20 minutes unlocking and locking the crate back up. He’s obsessed with tieing a rope to objects so being able to lock the crate up to different objects, he was in his element. I left one of the zip wires attached between the chain and the crate meaning they cannot fully detach. My reason for this was so it didn’t get lost or used to lock his sister up. The crate has been locked up to a table, scooter, oven door handle ?!!

After they discovered that Pudge came with a piece of Pizza they both had fun feeding him and seeing how to make him make different noises. When you press one of Pudges horns his eyes roll and change colour. The motion sensor inside creature reacts when they’re upside down, knocked over, or laying down. C loves to wake ‘monster’ up when he has fallen asleep.

With crate creature, you also have the option of recording your voice. You do this by pressing Pudges’ belly and then saying something. The voice is played back in a creature voice.  Each creature comes with 45+ unique creature sounds and with its favourite food, which unlocks chomping sounds when placed in the mouth.

RRP £39.99 available from Smyths 


Do you have a crate creature? Which one is your favourite?

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