Doddl Cutlery Set Review

We have been testing out the raved about Doddl Cutlery Set. When I first decided to go down the BLW journey with C I joined a few facebook groups. The main two things that were recommended the most were the Tidy tot and Doddl Cutlery. Having never bothered with ‘baby’cutlery before I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about, after all, J can now use cutlery. Needless to say when I was given the opportunity to review the Doddl Cutlery set I jumped at the chance.

The Doddl Cutlery set is a children’s cutlery set consisting of a knife, fork and spoon. The unique ergonomic design to helps your child to develop their pincer grip. Doddl cutlery has soft touch areas to help children with the correct finger placement. The design of the fork handle means that it easily rotates in your child’s hand, so they can switch between scooping and stabbing.

The Doddl Cutlery Set comes in Blue, Green or Pink. I seem to have subconsciously avoided all the typical blue is a boy, pink is girl colours when it comes to cups and bowls. We seem to have a selection of green items when it comes to feeding, because of this I went with the green Doddl Cutlery Set. I do wish there were more colours available though.

When the Doddl Cutlery set arrived I loved how funky the set was. The design means that the cutlery is small and stumpy looking, ideal for little baby hands. I wasn’t holding out much hope for the first time I gave C the Doddl Cutlery set. I was expecting her to either ignore them or throw them off the high chair. To my surprise, she picked them up straight away and took them straight to her mouth. At first, I started preloading her fork and spoon, then she was soon giving me the fork back to reload it for her.

The next time we used the Doddl Cutlery set I made a deal of showing her how to stab her food with the fork. When she asked me to do it for her I simply pointed at her food and asked her to try. To my surprise she did and although the success rate for stabbing the food onto the fork wasn’t amazing she kept trying and didn’t seem to get fed up. The look of achievement on her face when she managed to do it was adorable.

So far we have been using the fork quite well. On some occasions, she would much rather stab the food and then use her hand to pull it off the fork and then put it into he mouth. I am really amazed at this as well, although not the traditional use of a fork it shows that C is learning transitions and the fork helps her get food to her mouth.

doddl cutlery set

We have been using the Doddl Cutlery Set for a while now and C loves trying to use them. I haven’t really given C the opportunity to use the knife much as I wanted her to get the hang of the fork and spoon first really. When giving her the spoon I have to be more prepared for the mess as you can imagine the carnage that can cause when self-feeding yoghurt. I do know that in the long run, it will be better once she gets the hang of it.

doddl cutlery set

When I first got the Doddl Cutlery Set I was slightly concern by the knife as I wasn’t expecting it to have teeth, I was worried it was going to be sharp. I am pleased to say that the design of the knife means that it will effectively cut the food but not the child. I think this is where J would have benefitted from Doddl Cutlery when he was younger as even now at 4 he struggles to use a knife with his food. He would much rather wait and ask me to cut his food up. The idea of C being able to do this her self from such a young age is amazing. I know the more she uses the Doddl cutlery the better at it she will get.

doddl cutlery set

The Doddl cutlery set is for children aged 12 months+ up to around 5 years old when they transition to adult cutlery. We have been using the Doddle cutlery set since C was 11 months old. I think J would have probably liked his own set at 4 years old. I only wish we had more sets that I could send to grandparents houses or the childminders when she goes there for the day. The Doddl cutlery set retails at £16.95

Doddl Cutlery review

*We received this Doddl Cutlery Set in return for an honest review *

How old was your child when they started to use cutlery?

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