Eureka! Children’s museum–Day out

I had totally forgotten all about visiting Eureka! when I was younger, however as soon as my mum suggested it as a day out for J I couldn’t wait.  I vaguely remembered visiting years ago and there being Archimedes screw as well as a bath sculpture fountain thing.

The day started off well with J having a nap in the car on the way there. This was good because I knew he should be in a good mood for most of the visit. We decided to travel from Manchester over the hills to Halifax via Woodhead pass.  This was to avoid traffic on the motorway, however, it was full of mist , you could only just see the car in front.  Then the road we wanted to go down was closed and then on another road two trucks had collided. So, in the end, it would have been quicker going on the motorway to Eureka!.

When we finally arrived at Eureka! it was dinner time , this worked quite well as once J is having fun it is hard trying to get him to sit down and eat. We purchased a ticket and was told that not only does it allow us admittance on this visit but also for return visits for a year. This is great news if you live nearby . I would class Manchester as nearby so we will definitely be returning.
Ticket prices


We went into the cafe and managed to find a table next to a woman and her son, a similar age to J. This was a nightmare as J decided to keep wobbling their table so he ended up sat huddled up to me so he couldn’t reach the table.  My Mum, Dave and I decided to have fish and chips. The portions were massive and it was delicious. I wasn’t expecting the food to be that amazing, to be honest but I was presently surprised.  J had his dinner , which I had brought myself because of the allergy situation, and then he decided to have one of my chips.  Except he has eyes too big for his belly and tried to swallow too much at once.  He then proceeded to gag on the chip and when I got him out of the high chair he was sick on me ….. Thanks for that…..luckily he was ok and it was only on my cardigan so I could take it off.

By this point, J was fed up and wanted to go off and play.  Considering Eureka! is a children’s museum I would definitely say that the adults have just as much fun.  You can get a map of Eureka! from reception when you come in. The first area we went to was  the SoundSpace area.  This is set out like a space research area. This covered this like what material makes a better sound installation. How to send a message from one station to another. Mixing music like a DJ or controlling studio lights.


Within this area was a Sound garden for the under 5’s . This area is fantastic , you feel like you are in a cartoon. I think I enjoyed this more than J. As you can see in the pictures there are flowers to smell , an overturned flowerpot , a Magpies nest  and an area to play dress up.


After this area, we proceeded to walk through Eureka! and towards a courtyard type area.  This is Eureka!’s Living & Working Together area. This area is set out as a town complete with a ‘Tree’ ,water fountain,dining area, Bank, Supermarket and even roadwork’s and a Tardis.


In the Workmen area, there is clothing to play dress up. I especially loved this as J looked so cute in his hard-hat.


After his hard day’s work, J went to the local supermarket to do some shopping.  He was more interested in stealing a baguette.  It was funny as there was also primary school children playing who proceeded to call him a shoplifter. Needless to say, we told him to return it to the shop and get a shopping trolley and buy the food.
J loved playing with the food scanner and the tills. He may have got confused and tried to eat some of the food .  This area is fab for older children , and adults, as they can play shop and learn at the same time.

After his visit to the shop, J had no money left so he had to go to the bank. Halifax  is set out for children to play in . It has a separate area for meetings and even a vault with CCTV. The bank also has an ATM where the lovely Eureka! staff gives your child a card to put into the ATM and once they have pressed a few buttons they get some Eureka! money that they can keep.  This is a good keepsake.


After the bank we then went to the garage area , Dave definitely liked this bit.  There is a MOT area and little overalls for the children to wear. Unfortunately, J was too small for these. J did enjoy using the petrol pumps to fill up the cars.

Eureka also has its own little house for children to play in with several different rooms. J particularly loved the kitchen, as did my mum.  The bathroom also has buttons to let you turn the bath and shower on and even has a water table to splash in.


One of the last areas we went to basically is all about the human body. It has different areas to measure height, how far you can step and even how wide you can stretch your arms.We did try to measure J but he wouldn’t keep still long enough. He did find a baby doll that he kept cuddling, though.  There is also an exercise bike set up so you can see how your skeleton works.



Last but not least we went and played on the Wonder Walk


We had a fantastic day out at Eureka! and have recommended visiting to lots of people. I can’t wait to go back again already.

As you can see J had a fun day and crashed fast asleep in the car on the way home.

nap after Eureka


  1. Emily says:

    I’ve never heard of eureka before. It looks like great fun for children. I took my twins to Techniquest yesterday (kids science place) which they enjoyed. Next time I’m in Manchester with them I’ll definitely be going here! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

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