Getting Organised With The Hair Helper

One thing I’ve never had to deal with until recently is fluffy toddler hair. Having had a boy first, who likes to have short hair.  I have never really had to deal with keeping a toddlers hair under control. Now C is approaching 2 years old she has got that birds nest fluffy head going on. I have been tempted to cut her hair into a bob on a few occasions mainly to keep it looking neater and to thicken it up. She has had a few hair trims already but in the long run, I know keeping her hair longer will be nice.

This is where The Hair Helper has come in so handy. Even though I’m a hairdresser I am forever misplacing hair bobbles and grips, I dread to think how many I have lost over the years. Now I have had to start buying tiny bobbles for C it’s even easier for me to misplace them. I had taken to keeping them all in the cutlery drawer in the kitchen.

The Hair Helper is a UK manufactured product, by a family run business. When the hair helper arrives you need to attach the brush holder onto the side and the wall brackets onto the back. When my husband got around to attaching the hair helper to the wall he noticed I had put the wall brackets on upside down, which was an easy fix.

the hair helper


The Hair Helper can be personalised and comes in either white or pink. On the website, you have a selection of ribbons to choose from. You also have the option of adding a name to The Hair Helper. The choice of colours for this are white or pink. I personally wish there was a black option as white wouldn’t show up on ours and I am not a fan of pink.

The Hair Helper has ribbons for you to organise the clips and bows.  I recently won a competition over at Felicity Rose and Me to win some bows and now I have somewhere to keep them safe. I only bought really cheap hair clips before as they were always getting lost, now I can get some fancy bows. As they are on display in the bedroom C is more inclined to wear them and keep them in her hair. This is great as she has a habit of taking her bobble out when she’s tired, which results in her hair flopping in her eyes.

On the bottom of The Hair Helper, there are two sections that I have been keeping bobbles on one side and headbands on the other. On the other side of the Hair Helper is a hook that you can rest a hairbrush on. Again this means that all C’s and my hair accessories are together, in one place rather than scattered around the house in different drawers.

I honestly believe that every household with children should have a Hair Helper. They would make a great birthday or Christmas gift as we all know children have everything they could possibly want normally. This is something I would never have thought of before, but now something I couldn’t do without.

We were sent this item in return for our honest opinion


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