Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Discovery Car Walker Review

We were sent the Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Discovery Car Walker for C to put through its paces. We have been using it for a month now and how quickly C has come on since using it is amazing. She has gone from just sitting down and playing with it to slowly cruising along with it and even letting go occasionally so she is stood up on her own.

The Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Discovery Car Walker is full of bright colours and activities including a ball run and shape sorter. It features four melodies, six different textures and three handle heights. It also has lockable wheel. The walker features headlights, which light up, spinning eyes and funny sounds.

As you can see C was eager to get her hands on it. The Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Discovery Car Walker can be used in 3 different heights, this means that C can Play, Stand up and eventually Walk. To start with we have just been using the handle on the lowest setting, but now I have realised I need to higher it up as C has quickly progressed from Play to Walk.

One side of the car has a shape sorter with three colourful chunky shapes that can be pulled out and placed back in their correct places. To add to the sensory element the background of the shape sorter is bumpy for C to explore with her fingers. I thought C may have struggled to get hold of the shapes but she quickly got the hang of taking them off, she hasn’t quite got the idea of putting them back in place yet. The shape may have been misplaced on a few occasions because of this.

On the other side of the car, there is a ball run with a door.   The only issue that I have with the walker is the fact the door falls off so easily, as soon as C opens the door it falls off in her hand. This is a shame as it means the ball rolls straight out of the run and across the room.  This does give C the added activity of crawling across the room to retrieve it only to bring it back again and repeat. The walker comes with one blue ball although we have used other balls we already had in the bull run.

It didn’t take long for C to decide to pull herself up on the walker, I was impressed with how sturdy the walker is. You have the option to lock the back wheels on the walker, but I found that the walker still moved along the carpet even when locked.  This worked quick well for C, as with the wheels unlocked I found she moved too quick at first. She is still able to push the walker but we will wait for un till she is more steady on her feet before unlocking the wheel.

We did originally have a sit in walker but I am glad to say we have now got rid of it.  As well as worrying about hip development using a ‘sit in’ walker, I also hated how big and bulky it was. In quite the contrast the Infantino 3 in 1 Sensory Discovery Car Walker is so compact we have even taken it to the grandparent’s house with us.  This is always handy as I’m sure anyone with children would know how much space their stuff takes up.

As someone who doesn’t like traditional pink girls thing, I am glad the colours on the walker are very unisex. We now have the handle on the highest height and C loves twiddling the colourful balls which keeps her attention whilst she practices cruising along.

*We received this item in return for an honest review*


  1. Anna Rose says:

    Awesome review I bought this car walker last month. I sit my 4-month-old son in his Bumbo in front of it and he’s entertained long enough to clean up around the house or catch up on e-mails. He loves it! He’s still too small to reach it when he’s lying down on his back

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