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I first heard about Inflata Nation Manchester a while ago from a friend, for some reason though I forgot all about it. Inflata Nation recently got in touch to see if I would like to visit. As it is the school holidays I thought this would be a great way to keep J entertained and try to tire him out. I originally considered just taking both children on my own but decided it would make a nice family trip out. Turns out a broken car and then a holiday meant that free weekend ‘family time’ took a while to find. We eventually got around to visiting Inflata Nation Manchester recently.

Inflata Nation is the newest member of the ‘Nation’ family. Having originally set up Jump Nation trampoline parks in Manchester 2014 they have expanded into inflatables, setting up Inflata Nation Manchester as their first site. 

After we booked our time slot we were advised we needed to arrive 30 minutes before our slot to fill in a waiver form and watch a safety video. This was slightly annoying, I had booked this certain time slot as we were planning on going to look at a car beforehand. I’m pretty sure we didn’t see this information before booking so worth noting before you book.  As we had to get there early we had to skip looking at the car.


On entering Inflata Nation you can’t see into the inflatable area straight away. You enter the park to the bottom right of this picture, passing the baby area first.

We checked into Inflata Nation Manchester really easily. Our bookings were found really quickly by just the names on the waiver form, before I had the chance to get my reference off the booking email. As we were early we headed over to the cafe area to wait, being told to line up 10 minutes before our slot time to view the video. In hindsight, we didn’t need to be 30 minutes early. The children were able to sit and draw in the cafe area for a while, we ordered a drink and a jug of juice.

This is always my tip for going anywhere with children, J drinks like a fish and C is taking after him. We would spend a fortune on fruit shoot type drinks if that is what we ordered, as they can drink them so quick. As we were all going on the inflatables we had nowhere to keep the jug of juice safe. Handy tip !! pour it into an empty coke cup and put it in the locker for afterwards. The children and you will need it.

I wasn’t originally planning on going in the baby area with C, as I thought she would be ok in the main area with us as a family. However as J was so excited in the queue waiting we decided to tag team the children, I took C in the baby area first whilst D took J in the main area of Inflata Nation Manchester to bounce off some steam. Inflata Nation Manchester provides lockers for free as you cannot take anything onto the inflatable area. I did try and take my phone on with me to get some pictures but the likely hood I was going to lose the phone was very high especially as I had C to look after as well.

As awesome as the baby area looked, at first I thought it was quite small in relation to the main area. However, after bouncing around with C in the main area I totally understand why the baby area is set out like it is. There is a ball pit area with 3 small cones for the balls to float on air. The beehive was a tunnel for C to crawl through and inside the apple was a few steps and a mini slide.


We entered the main area and found J over at the climbing wall. C loved joing in on this bit although I had to be extra careful J didnt fall onto her.


One of my concerns for Inflata Nation Manchester was of how safe it was going to be with everyone bouncing around. I was very pleased to see several members of staff in the main area. They were keeping their eye on everyone and making sure everyone was bouncing safely. As you have an hour time slot there are a limited number of people allowed to bounce in that time. As the area is so spread out you do not feel overcrowded at all.

We are fans of Ninja warrior so when we saw these balls I was excited to give it a go. J flew across them and was really proud of himself that he could do it. I, on the other hand, couldn’t even climb up the steps to start !! I think my pants were a bad choice as I was wearing floaty trousers which were super soft so I just kept slipping off everything I tried to climb. There was a moment a child had to help me out of the ball pit in the middle of the Inflata Race.

J was too scared to go on THE Infla at first, we climbed halfway up the steps and he changed his mind.  He did later go on it with his dad and then got me to go on it with him. It wasn’t until I was sat at the top of the slide, with the staff member, that I realised HOW big the drop was. I swear it was that steep, it went under itself as you looked down. As J had just gone down before me I couldn’t really change my mind. Put it this way I didn’t go on it again as I’m not a fan of heights. Although there are 2 slides down, one central and one to the right, you were only able to go down the central slide as directed by a staff member sat at the top.

It was handy to have the baby area for C, as I could have a rest from bouncing around with J. I used it as an excuse to take C to the baby area to let her bounce around more freely.

We had a great time at Inflata Nation Manchester. D and I found out we were not as healthy as we use to be. Turns out an hour is a long time bouncing!. I think in a year or so J would be the ideal age for Inflata Nation Manchester as he could go with a friend and we could sit in the cafe and watch him tire himself out.

Have you been to Inflata Nation Manchester? What did you think?

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