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We were recently sent the Izmi baby carrier to review. I am a massive babywearing advocate so I was excited to be given the chance to try it out. Izmi baby carriers have been designed, developed and tested by an experienced babywearing consultant and sling librarian. The carriers are also endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The Izmi baby carrier is a buckle carrier made out of cotton. The carrier has wide shoulder straps so you can distribute weight evenly. The Izmi baby carrier also has a headrest that can support the baby. The carrier comes with a booster cushion to lift your baby up inside the carrier so that the child has a higher sitting position.

My First impression of the Izmi baby carrier is that it is not as soft as other slings I have used. As with all slings, they get softer the more you wash them and wear them in, I am hoping this will be the case with the Izmi baby carrier.

I put C in the Izmi baby carrier as soon as it arrived, it was easy enough to figure out how to use. It is worth bearing in mind that I am used to slings. One thing that I noticed straight away was the Ergonomic Adjustable Width Seat. I love this feature as it means the Izmi baby carrier can grow with your child as they get bigger. This also means that it will fit more than one child, handy if you have a baby and a toddler.

1. Adjusting the seat width: Lay the carrier flat and face down. Open the hidden pocket in the waistband to reveal the hook-loop width adjustment system. Position the tabs of the carrier seat to fit your baby’s size. Be sure to insert the tabs fully into the waistband. Close the pocket and press firmly to secure.
The Izmi carrier seems comfy so far, we have been dancing around the kitchen to the radio and at the moment C still feels weightless, this is a lot better on my back rather than having to hold her. As you can see from the photo below is also contains sleepy dust as it didn’t take long for C to fall asleep in it.  This will be handy to use in the house as she struggles to nap at the moment as she is getting more interested in her surroundings.

It is worth bearing in mind that with buckle carriers, you often feel the need to have everything as tight as you can get it. This normally means that you find the waistband digs into your hips. Once I realised that was happening I readjusted C by holding her waist and tilting her pelvis into more of an M position. I was then able to adjust the shoulder straps so they were more comfortable. I also loosened the waist strap slightly, which instantly stopped it digging in. If you find the carrier uncomfortable I would recommend taking it to a sling library to get some help with positioning.

When not in use the Izmi baby carrier can be rolled up and fastened with the waist clips. The carrier folds up really small so it is handy to keep in a changing bag or car.

For experiment purposes, I was interested to see if J could fit and the sling and feel supported. I was slightly concerned that the velcro adjustment wouldn’t be supportive enough for C but I thought if it could hold J then I wouldn’t have to have any concern for C. The upper weight limit is 15kg, which J is 1kg over, but I thought I would chance it just to see.

As you can see from the photo he fit in the sling well and still felt relatively weightless considering he is now 4 yrs old.

Izmi baby carrier

J has taken to using the Izmi baby carrier for his doll.  It is cute that he wants to try it and he has asked several times to take his baby doll out in it a few times.

The Izmi carrier is available in 4 colours blue, purple, grey and teal. The Izmi carrier retails at £75.00 and is for babies weighing 3.2kg – 15kg (7lbs – 33lbs).


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