Little Notes Music Class

We were recently invited by the lovely Sarah from Little Notes to join her local Little Notes Music Class and see what we thought of it.

I never really took J to any baby classes mainly because I didn’t want to leave the house because of my PND and anxiety.  We did attend a taster session for a class when he was older but by that point, he wasn’t interested in organised play and would rather explore the room and climb stuff.

Little notes is a relatively new class that I had heard of and it is a music class aimed at children 0-5 years old. Our local classes are led by the talented professional recorder player, Sarah Langdon.

Little Notes

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure what to expect and the thought of sitting around singing songs to my tiny baby in front of other people seemed slightly cringe worthy.  I couldn’t have been further from the truth.  When I arrived the first thing I noticed was the age range of children. In fact, that is a lie, the first thing I noticed was how nice and friendly Sarah is.  Although the class was only small the ages ranged from 9 weeks up to around 3yrs. Sarah was great at including all of the children no matter how old they were.

One thing I didn’t realise is not only are the classes musical but they are also based around a subject and your child learns from this.  The first time we attended we used ribbons that were the colours of the rainbow.  I did have a mini panic when Sarah said we were going to be painting as I thought she meant real paint. It was, however, imaginative play where we then mixed different colours together to make the new colour. Blue + Red = purple etc… It is a shame that J was at preschool as he would have loved this. He has really taken to singing at the moment and like asking questions and learning new things.

We have also learnt about recycling and there was a song with actions to do. At first, I did feel slightly odd doing actions with a tiny baby, but as there are other older children in the class it was nice to join in as you could see the excitement in their faces.  It was great to watch them all interact and play musical instruments.


Little notes

She actually bashed the drum!!

Now C is slightly older, 17 weeks, we have been attending Little Notes classes for a few weeks I can definitely see the enjoyment she gets from the class.  She has a nap on the way there and then spends all the class smiling and listening.  She particularly seems to like the maracas but did also try to eat them. I would definitely say that 12 weeks plus would be the best age to start Sarahs Little Notes class.

Little notes are not only a great class for parents but it is also a great opportunity for grandparents or other members of the family to have some bonding time.  As the classes are run in courses of … weeks it is nice as you also see the same faces each week and the children get to know each other. I wish I knew about Little notes when J was younger as I feel like he would have really enjoyed it.

You can contact Sarah on Twitter , Facebook if you want to book a course or arrange a free trial



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