Martha and Hepsie Hettie Hedgehog Leggings*

Martha and Hepsie recently sent me some Hettie Hedgehog leggings for C to wear. Now C is slowly getting bigger she is starting to fit into size 3-6 month clothing.  This means she is able to have so much more choice when it comes to outfits.  I am really loving putting C in leggings as they are so much easier to wear than jeans, I am guessing they are also much comfier. C has several plain tops so pairing them with statement leggings from Martha and Hepsie are ideal.

Martha and Hespie

As the leggings have cuffs on the bottom they are ideal for folding up, meaning that C can wear them now. As she grows longer she will be able to wear them without folding up the cuffs, meaning that the leggings have longevity to them.

The waistband on the Martha and Hepsie is quite thick. I find that this stops leggings from rolling over and losing shape.  Martha and Hepsie leggings also come with a label that has the size wrote on them. We have so many leggings that don’t have the size label on, it becomes a game of guess the size. I find that having the size label somehow makes the leggings seem more professional.

Since I have found a love of sewing, I am noticing more details when it comes to how clothes are made.  The Martha and Hepsie leggings are overlocked which makes a much better finish, it also keeps the leggings neater and means they should wear well without fraying. The leggings wash well and the good things with leggings are that they don’t need ironing.  This means they are a great item of clothing in my house as I hate ironing.

Martha and Hepsie baby leggings are £18 and available in 4 sizes:

0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months

Are you a fan of baby leggings?


  1. Tinuke says:

    I love patterned baby leggings! I love to sew and would happily make my own leggings and other simpler designs if I had an overlocker. It really does make such a difference to the finish and the longevity of the end product.
    C looks adorable in her outfit x

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