Personalised Childrens Backpack and Personalised Lunch bag Review

Tiny Me recently got in touch and asked if we would like to review their Personalised Childrens Backpack and Personalised Lunch Bag Combo.

J has been at his school since September and has been enjoying it so far. One thing I quickly noticed was that although he had a book bag to take to and from school, it was quickly becoming not practical.  He was using it to carry his snacks to school which meant that it often comes back covered in yoghurt or something similar. He also complained that his water bottle was too heavy to put in his book bag, which meant we often forgot to take it to school, or if we did remember, it sometimes leaked in his book bag. Needless to say, we were glad to review the Personalised Children’s Backpack and Personalised Lunch bag from Tiny Me.

It was simple enough on the Tiny Me website to personalise and design the bag we wanted.The bags are available in Blue, Pink or Red, as the bags are personalised this means you can choose every detail. From bag colour to the design of the logo and even the background logo colour.  I’m not going to lie that in some way I found that there was too much choice. I could have easily spent ages choosing between all the designs.  In the end, I settled on a lovely cute Fox with a scarf which in hindsight is quite wintery, but never mind.  It is worth mentioning that if you have a child with an allergy they have an allergy section for designs, which I think is a great idea. Obviously, J isn’t allergic to dairy anymore but I cant helping to notice these things.

J couldn’t wait to take his new bag into school and he kept showing every person he saw on the morning school run his new bag.  He was very excited to show his teachers how the lunch bag easily attaches to his bag. This feature is great, as when he arrives at school he hangs his bag up in the cloakroom and can quickly and easily unhook his lunch bag to take into the classroom. Even one of J’s teacher said to me the next day that she was impressed with the bag, I thought she was just humouring J but no she really did like it. With the bag having space to hold his water bottle, we now no longer have to worry about forgetting to take the water bottle or worry that it may leak over his ‘pictures’ in his book bag. I was concerned that J may lose the piggyback connector but after using his bag combo for over a week now I think its safe to say it won’t happen.

The Bag has a front pocket as well as a separate area on the inside. Handy for keeping J’s many school things in easier to find places. The bag also has a water bottle holder on the side. I originally thought that it may be too small to hold J’s normal water bottle but it wasn’t.

The New personalised silicone lunch bag has a food grade silicone lining which is completely seamless, insulates your food and it’s removable. You simply pull it out, throw it in the dishwasher and whack it back in. Now I am sure I am not the only one who has spent many times trying to scrap crumbs out of lunch bags and then having to wash them which mean that the fabric outside gets wet and then take ages to dry. As the Silicone lunch bag has the removable lining I no longer have to do this, a great time saver in a busy household.

The ‘Piggyback Connector’ (also patent pending) is an optional* clever little thing hidden away in the back pocket of the lunch bag. Simply slide it out, fold it and slip it into the front pocket of your every day or junior backpack to “piggyback” the bags together. When I first got the bag combo I could work out how to use the piggyback connector as it seemed to simple to use. By folding the end over and then inserting into the lunch back it locks into place via a piece of fabric. To attach it to the backpack you just simply hook it into the front pocket and gravity keeps it in place. J was worried that it may fall off but he jumped around the front room wearing the bag and it didn’t fall off so he was happy. The piggyback connector can slide into the lunch bag pocket when not in use.

I really like both the backpack and lunch bag. I am hoping that as they are personalised they will last J for quite a long time. Unlike phases of TV shows which can be shortlived thus meaning we normally have a new lunchbox and bag combo each school year. I think I may end up getting C her own set when she is a bit older, they would be handy to send to the childminders. c has already has taken a shine to walking around the room wearing J’s backpack. She even does a backpack dance when she has it on.

We were sent these items in return for an honest review 



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