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When it came to potty training J we were extremely lucky as he seemed to do it all himself. J has been potty trained in the day for quiet a while now, I’m afraid I cannot offer you any tips on that though as we were extremely lucky in the fact that he just decided he was ready one day. We had a potty in the house for several months just so he could get used to it being around and using it as a seat, or a hat occasionally. From what I have heard of several friends potty training isn’t always easy especially as other people feel pressured into the fact their child hasn’t potty trained by a certain age.

Dry Like Me has started their Potty Training Live campaign and they are currently in week 4.

Even though J has been dry in the day for about a year he is still wearing a nappy at night, or a bed bum as we call it now. The problem I think we have with night time potty training is the fact that J still can drink quite a bit of water through the night. I am not overly bothered by this as I know it is a normal thing as my husband regularly takes up a massive squash bottle to drink if he wakes in the night. On the nights that J doesn’t wake for a drink or only has a little sip he can wake up dry. Most of the time, however, he wakes up with a wet nappy.

We did go through a stage that J wouldn’t wear a nappy for bed as he was a big boy, this is where the term bed bums came into effect. This resulted in me having to strip the bedding most nights and J got upset that he had accidents. We finally convinced him to wear a bed bum at night which did seem a bit backwards but he definitely wasn’t ready to go without.

When Dry Like Me got in contact to tell me about their night time potty training pads I thought it would be a good chance to try J without a nappy overnight again.


Night time potty pads are disposable pads with an extra absorbent layer to enable potty training to continue at night.

When placed in the child’s pants, Dry Like Me pads help them recognise their body’s clues for the loo, so when they do have little accidents, they begin to understand (and react to) what’s happening.

Dry Like Me pads are suitable for children of all ages. The top sheet is soft and the thin pads are comfortable. When wetness occurs it’s quickly absorbed into the core, leaving the top sheet feeling dry, so there’s no irritation. The child becomes aware of the extra weight of the damp pad and this helps them recognise they’ve had an accident.

Unlike nappies, which are constructed to cope with larger volumes, Dry Like Me pads are designed more to give you a little extra time to react when your child needs the loo.

The first time I put the night time potty pads in J’s undies he found it hilarious that they were like big stickers that stuck on the inside.

The pads can be worn in different ways Front,Back or Both.  I chose to put two in the front and back in the hope that they would absorb more wee if J was going to have a wet night.


Unfortunately for us J did have a wet night and although the pads did absorb a large amount of liquid I still needed to strip the bed in the middle of the night. When we tried the potty training pads for the second time I made a conscious effort to limit the amount of liquid J drank at bedtime and made sure he went to the toilet before he fell asleep. This was a much better outcome and we had a dry night.

For now, we have decided to go back to using nappies as I am not at a stage that I feel like J needs to cut down on his liquid. We have had a few occasions that J has woke in the night and taken himself off to the toilet so I do think it will be one of those things that he will just stop when he is ready.

I do think the Potty Training Pads are a good idea especially if we had them when J was first potty training. I remember in the early days when J would have a tiny accident when he was realising that feeling of needing a wee. The pads would have been great in that situation however I feel that found J’s current needs they are not absorbant enough. I will definitely try J with them again when I feel he is ready to try night time potty training again.

Dry Like me currently have some tips available for night time potty training  which included taking your child for a dream wee.  Lift them at night so they can do a ‘’dream wee’’ while their bladder learns to hold on for two long stretches at night. Gently lift your child onto the potty or toilet around 10-11pm

Lift them at night so they can do a ‘’dream wee’’ while their bladder learns to hold on for two long stretches at night. Gently lift your child onto the potty or toilet around 10-11pm

I totally forgot about this but we have tried doing it for a while and it did make a massive difference.  The reason we had to stop was because sometimes we didn’t get to J in time which resulted in him having an accident.  The main reason we stopped was because I was pregnant and it got to the point I was unable to carry J to the toilet when my husband was out or had fell asleep.

Have you tried using the Potty Training Pads? 


  1. Susan Mann says:

    Potty Training is one of the most stressful and difficult toddler stages, well I feel anyway. I’ve done it three times and each time was very different. You have to see how your child reacts. With my youngest, she was having none of it. I waited until she was three, we spoke about it and I was stressed as she had to be toilet trained before nursery. On her third birthday at the end of january there, she decided that was it and never had an accident since even at night, from day one. Honestly. These look great, but you’ll know when he is ready and when you are. Good luck xx

    • alyssaliss says:

      Thanks, totally agree that they decide when they are ready. Luckily its only overnight now as hes been dry for about a year in the day now.

  2. Plutonium Sox says:

    I totally agree with you, he’ll be dry at night when he’s ready, there’s no rush. I actually find things like this do more harm than good as they wick the moisture away rather than letting the child feel that they’re wet, which is what teaches them not to do it. We use protective pants over the top of Lia’s normal pants to stop her from making a mess but she knows when she’s wee’d. She’s not ready to come out of a nappy at night though and I’m in no rush.
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