Q Play RITO Folding Trike Review

You may have seen that I included the Q Play RITO Folding Trike in my gift guide for 1-year-olds.

Q Play RITO folding trike

In the run-up to C’s birthday, we couldn’t decide which trike to buy for her. We headed off to our local Smyths Store to try out the Q Play RITO Folding Trike. Whilst we were there we had a look at the other different types of trikes on sale to make a decision, one thing I knew I wanted was a proper hood on the trike in case it started to rain.

The reason we originally wanted the Q Play RITO Folding Trike was simply because of the fact that it folded up. On first impressions, the Q Play RITO Folding Trike didn’t fold up as small as we were expecting. We ended up looking at another folding trike, which although it folded up smaller it didn’t actually seem as easy to fold, it was also dearer.

We then started to consider purchasing a non-fold up trike because we were not sure that there would be much difference in storing the trike. As long as the trike could fit in the car boot, possibly by removing the parent handle, we would be happy. SPOILER ALERT *** massive difference***

We then started looking at another QPlay trike but this time the Q Play Comfort trike. Other than not folding up like the Q Play RITO Folding Trike the difference is that the Q Play Comfort has front bottle holder basket and a storage bag. I actually prefer driving, (do you drive a trike as a parent?!?) the Q Play comfort trike and it was slightly cheaper than the Q Play RITO Folding Trike.

We ended up leaving the shop as I couldn’t decide between the Q Play RITO Folding Trike or the Q Play Comfort Trike. On the way home, we swung by another toy shop on the off chance they had differently branded trikes. They did have a few other brands but considering they were more expensive than the Q Play trikes I was severely disappointed in the trikes steering capabilities. I actually asked a member of staff if I was missing a button to press to make it more controllable but alas I just have higher expectations. It is worth noting that the Qplay trikes actually control the front wheel when you turn the parent handle, unlike some other branded trikes that only has touch steering which I found useless.

We ended up purchasing the Q Play RITO Folding Trike. I was comparing the difference between the trike in the 30Months + stage as a stand-alone trike. I personally feel that the look of the Q Play RITO Folding Trike is much nicer and more ‘grown-up’ looking meaning that it would last longer than the Q Play Comfort. When we were in Smyths J also decided to try out the Q Play RITO Folding Trike whilst we were trying C in another trike. He was happily pedalling along and wasn’t impressed when we told him he was too old for it. For reference, he’s a small 4 1/2-year-old, so the Q Play RITO Folding Trike would have had longevity with him.

Now we actually have the Q Play RITO Folding Trike at home I’m so glad we went for the folding option. I would have instantly regretted not getting a folding trike the minute we got home I think. It really does make a big difference saving space in the house compared to when it’s not folded. When folded up the trike is also more stable stood up on end than I thought it was going to be. C can cruise around holding onto it and I didn’t have to worry about it falling on her.

The Q Play RITO Folding Trike also fits in my tiny Toyota Yaris boot, this has made the school run more fun for C as she gets to use her bike.

Q Play RITO folding trike

The Q Play RITO Folding Trike was easy enough to assemble and I managed it with the help of a one-year-old. I have found it unbelievably simple to fold up. I love the fact the when folded up trike is securely fasted with so you don’t have to worry about it popping open.

Q Play RITO folding trike

We decided to purchase the waterproof rain cover for the trike which is hilarious once opened. It made me think of those rain covers you get for my grandma’s mobility scooter which is basically like a cube on wheels. One thing for sure though is C will not be getting wet with it on the trike. The only downside to the Q Play RITO Folding Trike is that it doesn’t come with a bag. This is especially an issue when you have the rain cover as it’s not particularly small when folded up. I am planning on getting my mum to make a bag to attach to the handle so I can take the rain cover out with us as well as some wipes and nappies.

We are planning on going to the Zoo soon so will be taking the Q Play RITO Folding Trike with us for the day.


We took the Q Play RITO Folding Trike with us to the zoo for the day and I was slightly concerned we would miss having the pram. Safe to say we didn’t miss the pram at all and J enjoyed helping push C around. C even ended up managing to fall asleep in the trike which I wasn’t expecting, the advantage of being able to recline the trike worked well.

We actually got stopped by a family at the zoo asking where we got the trike from as they liked the look of it.



What trike do you have and do you like it?


    • alyssaliss says:

      I didn’t realise at first that it can recline but yes it can. there is a small red button behind the backrest. My daughter has actually fallen asleep several times in her trike so it is a handy feature to have.

    • alyssaliss says:

      The black circle where it attaches to the trike is a lever (it has a screw in it so just looks like an attachment) Pull it down and move the footrest out. Hope that makes sense

  1. Toni Fox says:

    Hi. We’ve just purchased one of these and I’m excited to use it, especially after your review.
    Which rain cover did you buy? As online I can only see one for the Q Play NI:CO?
    Thanks x

    • alyssaliss says:

      Hi, it was the Q Play Ni:Co one that we bought. It fits well, you just can’t do the zip all the way up. You will see what I mean if you use it.

  2. Liam says:

    My hood on Q play rito doesn’t seem straight and have tried everything, obviously doesn’t affect the trike it was just bugging me….

  3. Orla says:

    Hi we have just put the folding trike together and noticed that the the front wheel turns with the parent handle but when I try the handle bars the wheels don’t turn…is this right? We had a fisher price on for our older girl and the handle bar turned the wheels. Any advice welcome. TIA xx

    • Alyssa says:

      Hi you can set it so the child can steer. On the handle bars there is a pull/push part (black cylinder) above the red button though. Push it down and the child can steer. Pull it up and they can’t. Hope that helps

    • Chris says:

      hi, i have the same problem, not too sure if it is correct though as shouldn’t it work both way’s? trying to find a guide on the internet but haven’t had any luck yet, thank you for the help in advance. Chris

  4. Orla says:

    Thank you, I will check that tmrw evening! I looked at instructions, read the box and googled it…nothing. Was hoping it was a clever feature like that. Will let you know how I go with that! xx

  5. Anna says:


    Are the wheels rubber or plastic? Also I notice you have a bag on your handle bar how did you attach it?

    Thank you x

  6. Samantha says:

    Thank you for your post I decided to buy one after lots of research and with help from your review. I am having some difficulties, can you help?

    We’ve been supplied with flathead bolts to attach the seat to the frame but the diagram shows bolts compatible with an Allen key (p.8). I cannot get the flathead bolts to come through the hole to fix the nut. Have I been given an incorrect part?

    I’ve followed your instructions above for the handle bar steering but no matter what I do the handle bar moves but the front wheel won’t move.

    Do you know you what the mysterious red button at the front of the bike above the qplay logo does?

    thank you!

  7. Samantha says:

    Sorry ignore my qu about steering wheel just figured it out as I pressed post. (Red fixture on wheel)

    Still need your help with the bolt and button qu please. Thank you!

  8. Sergio says:

    Hello. The front wheel on my rito is also wonky, when parent handle is in center position. When I holding handle firmly, I can move front wheel a little bit on both side. In some way, it make some problem with steering..
    Anyone with this problem?

  9. Daniel says:


    We have an issue where the two bolts that fix the front wheel to the frame (page 3) are not long enough and so we can’t fix them in place with the nut.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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