Splish Splah Having A Shnuggle Bath

When it comes to bathing the kids, more often than not C ends up sharing a bath with J in the evening.  This ends up happening as when I try and bathe C on her own J wants to get involved and help, which means that we all end up squeezing into the tiny bathroom so it’s easier for him to get in the bath at the same time.  Doing it this way was handy to keep an eye on both of them at the same time.  Bathing C in the normal bath has left me with a bad back from leaning over the big bath with J more or less climbing over me to help wash C.

Kiddies Kingdom recently sent me a Shnuggle Bath to review.  The first thing I noticed was how much more compact the Shnuggle bath is compared to traditional baby baths.  As the design means baby is more sat up not only does it use less water but it means it’s smaller in dimension. This is great for us as we are forever tripping up over the baby bath in the bathroom, as it either has to live on the floor in front of the sink or in the bath.

The base of the bath has a Bum Bump support that helps baby to sit up and stop from moving in the bath.  This is great as it gives you two hands-free so you can wash and play with your baby, we all know how slippery tiny babies can be so being hands-free is ideal at bath times.  The back of the bath has a foam cover so you don’t have to worry about baby being uncomfortable.

Shnuggle bath

The Shnuggle bath has a fill line that shows you where to fill the water up to.  This also stops you getting the bath wedged under the tap in the kitchen as often happens and you end up spilling half the water manoeuvring the container away from the tap.

As we are able to use the Shnuggle bath downstairs J can help bathe C much easier, although I do have to watch out on her splashing so not to soak the carpet.  I have since found it easy to use the Shnuggle bath on the kitchen unit as this is a much better height to stand at, I imagine this would be great for those who have had a C-section and need to limit their bending and picking.

Just for fun here is a picture of J , who is 4, playing in the Shnuggle bath.





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