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Now first let me explain to you, that to a hairdresser scissors and brushes are one of the most important things. Not only are they important but they are extremely personal and can be fun/unique at the same time.  The thought of buying new equipment makes me giddy, as that I would imagine of someone buying new stationary.  I know I am not the only on that likes funky coloured rubbers and notebooks.



I first heard about ProBlo when they were at Pro Hair Live. The basic idea is to use the brushes a bit like you would a traditional roller set.  However with the Pro Blo Curl me the handle detaches and a clip is added. The reason for this being that you don’t have to blow and leave brushes, gently placed on a clients head, with the risk of one falling out at the wrong movement.  If you have no idea what I am on about then you have never experienced the wonders of a bouncy blow-wave.  Think ‘TOWIE’ or ‘RHOCheshire’.

The brushes are used to blow the hair into a wave and then left in the hair to cool down, setting the wave pattern as it cools.  The problem with using normal brushes is that 1. sometimes you don’t have enough of the same size brush. 2. It can be quite fiddly and messy managing to leave the brushes balanced on the clients head.  I also imagine that your head would feel rather top-heavy.

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I was so excited to receive my Pro Blo Curl Me set.  Two of the girls at our salon already own a set each, in fact they sometimes interlink the set as they have different sized brushes.  The brushes come in three size; small, medium and large.

Curl Me (£35.00) ceramic brush barrels with unique detachable handle to create curl, volume, shine and smoothness. Curl Me is the ultimate blow dry brush that gives you a professional blow dry look. The Curl Me handle is easily detached from the barrel, allowing the barrel to remain in the hair until the hair has cooled, allowing you to dry and style at the same time, this method locks in the style and gives you the perfect blow. The starter pack has a mixture of sizes to maximise versatility;

6x brush barrels, 6x hair clips, 1x handle, 1x travel bag

You may find you need to buy an extra ‘add me’ set if you hair is particularly long or thick.  We will actually have 3 sets in the salon now, One each.

Add Me sets (£30.00) include 6 additional barrels to attach to your Curl Me handle. Available in small, medium, large or assorted sets.

Includes 6 clips, Handle not included

The first time I used the Pro Blo Curl me set I made the mistake of not taking my sections clean enough.  This meant that it was more difficult for me to remove the brushes from the hair because I found the barrels became tangled.  Once I made sure to get the sectioning cleaner I found this wasn’t a problem.  The brushes seem to work well however at first I found they were a bit wobbly where the handle met the barrel.  It wasn’t until I used my colleagues handle that I realised my handle was slightly faulty.  The barrel wasn’t pushing into the handle enough to click in.  This explains the initial wobbliness.  ProBlo customer services is amazing though and I contacted them and they rectified the problem extremely quickly.

The more I use the ProBlo the more I get use to the feel of the brushes.  This is like every hairdressing brush really, as the brushes feel better the more worn in they get.  I love the novelty of having a brush that detaches from the handle as do most of the clients we use the ProBlo on. Some people may think £35 is expensive but when you can easily pay £8 per brush normally its a no brainer really.  One thing I will say is that I have no idea how you are meant to do a full head of hair with only 6 barrels.  Fair enough you could do half, wait for them to set and then reuse.  I always seem to use 2 full sets and most recently even then I had to reuse some barrels.  Obviously this is only a slight issue if you are a hairdresser.  At home you could start applying your make up whist waiting for the barrels to set before you reuse them.

Are you part of the secret? 

I received a Pro Blo Curl me set in return for an honest review


  1. Bec says:

    You’ve got really great results with these – Im sure your clients will be really pleased – good idea that the brushes are interchangeable 🙂
    love bec xx

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