Yoomi Bottle Review – The Self Warming Bottle

I knew that if breastfeeding worked for us, which I didn’t hold out much hope it would, I wanted C to take a bottle so that I would be able to return to work. I was extremely aware, that several people find that they leave it too late before they introduce a bottle, meaning that when it comes to it, baby won’t actually take it.  When I was contacted by Yoomi to review their bottle I thought this would be a great bottle to try baby with.

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The Yoomi bottle is a self-warming bottle that gently warms baby’s feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds.

When you start breastfeeding you hear ‘nipple confusion’ mentioned several times.  Don’t introduce a dummy too early, don’t give a bottle too early, but in contrast, you don’t want to leave it too late either.  As it turned out we gave C a dummy at 3 days old, well D did when I was having a nap. I was also breastfeeding using nipple shields as this was the only way C would latch at first.  Now we are 21 weeks in and C feeds like a pro.  We have been able to get C to use the Yoomi bottle and switch between breast and bottle with no issues.

The Yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system contains easi-latch bottle, a charging pod and a warmer in one compact and stylish package. You charge the warmer, push the button and then wait for 60 seconds.  The as the milk runs through the warmer it is gently heated to the perfect temperature.


As our microwave isn’t digital, it is hard to get the timings correct to charge the warmer. In my opinion, it isn’t that simple to charge the warmer in the microwave.  You have to find out your stage 1 time, as well as stop starting to shake. You can find the online instructions here. We have taken to boiling the warmers in a pan of water for 30 minutes, then putting it in cold water for 20 mins. We find this way much easier, we have since bought more warmers and it is easy to charge them all at once.  What we actually do it clean, then charge all the warmers the night before we are going to be using the Yoomi Bottles.

C is 98% breastfed, when I am not with her I don’t have to worry that she won’t accept the Yoomi bottle.  She does sometimes chew the teat before she remembers what to do with it.  We don’t always use the warmer with the Yoomi bottle, however, we have since found out that it is best to keep the warmer in the bottle as it slows down the milk flow which is great for paced feeding a breastfed baby.

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We loved the Yoomi bottle so much we went and bought another 4. You can buy a 5oz feeding system for £23.95. We did, however, manage to buy a bundle of unused Yoomi bottles for a bargain price on a local selling site.

Yoomi bottle

I wouldn’t recommend the Yoomi bottle for formula feeding as it is only recommended for premade formula, otherwise, the formula would not be made up to the right guidance.  I do however rave about this bottle to all breastfeeding parents.  As someone who formula fed my first, I would have struggled to get the expressed milk to the correct temperature for C to take.  Using the Yoomi Botle means that we don’t even have to think about the temperature of the milk.

Have you tried the Yoomi Bottles?


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