Night weaning part two

Lat night was eventful , not bad just funny. J went to sleep as normal at 7 and didnt wake up untill 2.30am!!! . That is amazing , it did however take me several attempts to get him to settle in his cot – 3.30am. He wasnt crying he can just look fast asleep untill I leave the room, He would then cry and I would go in and he was either ; dragging his quilt across the room , carrying his ladybug light pillow across the room or just generally looking lost. He would get straight back in bed when I went in and settle again. He did however have to keep hold of his sippy cup of water to fall asleep. He didn’t drink any of it , just had to hold it with a death bear grip.  He did come into our room at some point between 3.30am and 6.30am but he just got in and had a cuddle and fell asleep. Still no milk.

When we go to bed now I explain that “he is a big boy now and doesn’t need any milk in the night . Mummy and daddy doesn’t drink milk in the so he doesn’t have to either.” I tell him he can have water if he really wants a drink but that is it no milk until the morning.  He seems to have accepted that . Pre baby I would never in a million years thought of being able to explain things to a toddler and they would understand. It is just proof that toddlers understand a lot more than you realise.  I have also told him if he keeps being a big boy and not having milk in the night then I will get him a present . I have let him choose a little life backpack – He wanted the dinosaur one.

I honestly could never imagine the night that he didn’t have milk . My mum is amazed at how well he has adjusted and he hasn’t even seemed that bothered by it. The one thing I do think has helped is using a sippy cup for water instead of a bottle. It was like he got annoyed that I was tricking him into thinking it was milk when it clearly wasnt.

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