5 reasons to visit Blackpool

My top 5 reasons to visit Blackpool.

As a kid I went on holiday to Blackpool every year with my grandma and granddad. We stayed at the same hotel every time, Carn Brea, it’s still there now just twice as big.  I loved going on holiday with my grandparents and im sure my mum was glad of the peace.  Up untill this week I havent been back to Blackpool in the last 10 years. Blackpool doesn’t seem as nice as it was 10 years ago but I don’t know if that was because we went on a week day but it was very quiet and most of the shops were closed.



We visited Blackpool to go and see the lights with J he has actually been twice this week to see them.  When we got there it was too early as the lights were not on so first we went in the arcades.  I have fond memories of going on the 2p machines in the arcades.  It was lovely to see J running around having fun putting 2p in the machines.  The Illuminations were founded in 1879. If you are going to see the Illuminations I recommend parking at one end and jumping on the tram as you will be able to see everything without getting stuck in traffic.



(Picture from the Sandcastle website)

We use to always go swimming at the sandcastle I don’t remember it being anything special but we always had a great time.  It has since been updated and I  know a lot of people rave about going here.  There are several slides now however I believe it’s not that cheap to get in.  I know J would love it in here as he is a massive water baby.

Fish & Chips

Nothing beats sitting overlooking the sea eating fish and chips.  We use to always visit a chippy on the corner near the pier.  We have been known to drive to Blackpool just to get fish and chips.  Don’t forget to get a sneaky doughnut for the way home.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


I haven’t actually been to the pleasure beach in such a long time.  When I last went it was free to wander around and you only had to buy tickets or a wristband if you wanted to go on the rides.  I can remember them building the waterside Valhalla.  I would love to visit it again as I would love to see all the changes they have made, apparently there is  Nickelodeon land now.  One of my favourite rides when I was a child use to be Noah’s arc which was one of the first rides as you entered the park.  On looking at the website they do a rainy day return offer which is good of them as I wouldn’t have expected them to.


Blackpool Tower

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The tower is something you have to do if you visit Blackpool.  Part of the fun of travelling to Blackpool is who ever sees the tower first wins 50p, or something like that.  I can remember as a kids going up the tower and standing on the glass floor looking down at people who looked as small as ants.  Travel 380ft up the tower and brave the glass bottomed sky walk, enjoy amazing views

Have you been to Blackpool recently? What did you think?


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