Have you been to Bewilderwood?

Once we booked our holiday to Norfolk I did a bit of research to see what there was to do locally. Bewilderwood was mentioned by several people so we decided to give it a visit, I wasn’t really sure what to expect except that it was very outdoorsy. Ticket prices are £14 for adults and initially I was put of by this when looking on the internet.  We decided to go anyway and as J is under 92cm he was free.  As J was free I was expecting there to be a lot of activities that he was too young for. This wouldn’t have been a problem as we know he loves being outdoors exploring. In actual fact there wasn’t one thing that he couldn’t go on, however more on that later.  It was definitely worth the price and i would have been happy to pay for J.

On arriving at Bewilderwood we wandered through the woods until we found scary lake. We arrived at the same time as a few school trips so it was a bit chaotic but J loved it.  J pretended to be scared when we said it was called scary lake. We went on a boat ride along scary lake which was lovely and relaxing, surprisingly J was calm and sat still. We ended up going on the boats several times as J loved it so much. There was a ‘snap-snap’ in the lake that snorted out water which J loved called Mildred.  As we bobbed along the water , the tour lady told us a story about the boggles and other creatures that lived along the river.   We got of the boat at the opposite side of the swamp and continued exploring.


We carried on through the woods and found a zip line which J wanted to go on. I was waiting for a meltdown as I thought he was too young to go on this however right next to it there is a toddler zip line. I am seriously impressed with this as I am sure many other parents would be.


We spent a lot of time in this area as J had so much fun, we even ended up visiting again on the way back at the end of the day.  Even though it was a busy day we didn’t have to wait long to get a go on one of the two toddler swings.  I imagine this is mainly because most of the children were of school ages.  J also went on one of the normal swings. It was strange seeing J in a swing, as he has never been one for being restricted. I could have spent hours just sat there relaxing in the peace and quiet, when the school children had left,  just listening to J singing his little swinging song.  It felt so peaceful and made a change not having to chase J around.

There is a toddler play area which includes a sandpit.  J loved this as did most of the other toddlers.  I loved the fact that the buckets we soft, therefore if a toddler fell on them they didn’t hurt themselves.  In fact if anyone knows where you can buy these from can you let me know? I love the fact you could roll them up to take them to the beach in your bag.

download (1)

We saw some massive slides which in all honesty you probably wouldn’t have got me going down them.  There was 3 different gradients of slides, all being rather steep.  J climbed his way up to the top, up the logs and over the netting.  Luckily D followed him as J showed no hesitation in going down the slide.  We spent a good few minutes in a cycle of me standing at the bottom of the slide whilst D stood at the top, J running between the two of us.  It wasn’t untill we were walking off that we happened to go past the sign that said J shouldnt have been on it. Ooops! Try telling a stubborn 2-year-old who thinks he’s 7 he can’t do something.



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Have you visited Bewilderwood?


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